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Excel Homework Help

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Excel Homework Help

Microsoft Excel or MS Excel is known as a spreadsheet. It is planned and created by Microsoft. For the most part, Excel was made for Android, Windows, iOS, and macOS. With the assistance of an Excel spreadsheet, you can work on estimation, rotate tables, diagramming apparatuses, and a large scale programming language, which is named Visual Basic for Applications.

Microsoft Excel highlights charting apparatuses, count, turntables, and a large scale programming language known as Visual Basic for Applications. Exceed expectations spreadsheet application is a huge spot to cover for achieving such undertakings. In the event that you face issue to finish your exceed expectations schoolwork and exceed expectations assignments, at that point you are presently at the correct spot

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Excel spreadsheet is significant with regards to doing computations and drawing turn tables and diagrams. For certain understudies doing an Excel, the undertaking can be very testing. On the off chance that you are one of those understudies who are battling with their Excel schoolwork, at that point you are in the correct spot. You will have the option to discover courses through which you can make doing your Excel assignments as simple as ABC. The Excel help that you will arrive will empower you to figure out how to deal with your assignments and undertakings so you don't battle while doing them.

Why Do Students Look for Excel Homework Help?

Have you looked for excel homework help and excel assignment help, If, in this way, Urgenthomework.com has profoundly qualified specialists to locate a speedy arrangement. Understudies need Excel schoolwork help at each edge of the world. These days, the understudies need to be worked in a specific field. In this way, they are occupied with extracurricular exercises subsequent to going through a wild day in their schools, schools, or colleges. In some cases, they don't have adequate information to utilize exceed expectations spreadsheet to finish exceed expectations schoolwork and assignments. They don't have any thought of task composing. They may not comprehend the exceed expectations question paper. Along these lines, the primary explanation behind looking for ms excel homework help are as per the following::

  • Lack of knowledge of Excel questions.
  • Lack of time for finishing the excel assignments or project
  • Lack of problem-solving skills or missed detailed lectures from experts.

Topics Covered in MS Excel Homework Help Online

We have qualified excel homework help experts online who can assist you in Excel homework and assignment from the fundamental to advanced level. Some of the popular Excel homework assignment related topics are below:

Pivot tables

Excel VBA optimization

Financial Analysis

Excel Solver

Loan, Mortgage Calculations, Schedules

Economics Solving

Add-in creation

ODBC and data linking connections


MyITLab and Pearson projects

Powershell optimization

Optimization add-in

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Sample of Microsoft Excel Homework Help From the Excel Experts

Question 1 (6 marks) Marks

A research analyst is investigating a new YouTube channel regarding Tesla electric car vehicles. The top 100 videos were obtained showing the number of views each video has obtained so far.

All work for this question must be done using the worksheet named Question 1 Data.

This worksheet can be found in the data file Data Set & 2020.1.xlsx.

Using Excel, obtain a descriptive statistics output for the “YouTube views” column in your data file.

(Mean Median Mode Range and Standard Deviation)* [1]

Using Excel, construct a histogram, which shows the number of YouTube views for these top 100 videos.

Histogram should have 7 bins (classes) each. * [2]

Using the descriptive statistics and the histogram from the above questions, comment on the distribution of the number of YouTube views for these top 100 videos.

In particular, comment on the shape of the distribution. [2]

Using appropriate Excel output construct a 95% confidence interval for the population mean of the YouTube views for these top 100 videos. [1]

* Evidence of work in Excel is required

Question 2 (8 marks) Marks

All work for this question must be done in the worksheet named Question 2 Data.

This worksheet can be found in the data file Data Set & 2020.1.xlsx.

At Western Sydney University, the bookshop owner is analyzing if the cost of textbooks has significantly changed within the last six years. For this study, ten

course were taken where the costs from six years ago are compared to today’s.

Using Excel, obtain an output for the hypothesis test at 5% level of significance.* [3]

Using the information in the output, conduct a hypothesis test in the space below. Make sure that you state the null and the alternative hypothesis, the decision rule

, and the value of the test statistics. Explain your decision and write a conclusion. [5]

* Evidence of work in Excel is required

Question 3 (6 marks) Marks

All work for this question must be done in the worksheet named Question 3 Data.

This worksheet can be found in the data file Data Set & 2020.1.xlsx.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that adult men should consume no more than 38 grams of sugar within their daily diet. A group of fifty adult men within the height range of 1.8 meters to 1.9 meters was taken showing their daily sugar intake (grams) together with their weights (kilograms).

Using Excel, obtain a linear regression output.* [2]

Determine the linear regression equation that may be used to predict the weight of adult men based on his daily sugar intake. [1]

Interpret the slope of the linear regression line. [1]

State and interpret the coefficient of determination. [1]

* Evidence of work in Excel is required

Sample of Excel Assignment Help Solved by the experts

Management Accounting Individual Excel Assignment

Your Task

You need to prepare and submit an excel spreadsheet that answers the questions below. Prepare an excel spreadsheet to help satisfy Learning Outcome 2:Formulate budgets and construct a cost-volume-profit analysis using practical scenarios.

Sweden Ltd manufactures cabinets. You work in the accounting department and have been tasked with preparing the Budget for the next month. 

Sweden makes two products:

 Premium cabinets - large cabinets with mirrors

De Luxe cabinets - medium-sized cabinets with an innovative shelving solution and mirrors

Direct manufacturing labor is 3 hours for the Premium cabinet and 5 hours for the De Luxe.

The budgeted direct material usage for each product in 2020 is:

Square meters Premium De Luxe

Mirrors 2 3

Softwood 1 5

Opening direct materials inventory for January 2020 is:

Square meters Premium De Luxe

Mirrors 40 15

Softwood 10 30

Target ending direct materials inventory (January 31) is:

Square meters Premium De Luxe

Mirrors 24 20

Softwood 6 40

Unit cost data is expected to be the same for January as it was in December 2019 for labor and all materials as below:

December 2019 (actual) January 2020 (budgeted)

$ $

Mirrors per square meter 160 160

Softwood per square meter 125 125

Manufacturing labor cost per hour 30 30

Manufacturing overhead (both variable and fixed) is allocated to each cabinet on the basis of budgeted direct manufacturing labor hours.

 The budgeted variable manufacturing overhead rate for January 2020 is $35 per direct manufacturing labor-hour.

 The budgeted fixed manufacturing overhead for the month is $42,500. Both variable and fixed manufacturing overhead costs are allocated to each unit of finished goods on the basis of direct manufacturing labor-hours.

 Data relating to finished goods inventory for January 2020 are:

Premium De Luxe

Opening Inventory (units) 20 5

Opening Inventory (dollars) $10,840 $4,850

Target Ending Inventory 30 15

 Budgeted sales for January 2020 are 740 units of the premium and 390 units of the De Luxe. The budgeted selling prices per unit in January 2020 are $1,020 for the Premium and $1,600 for the De Luxe. For the purposes of calculating the COGS and Closing Inventory of finished goods, the cost per unit for January 2020 is $670 for the Premium cabinet and $1,480 for the De Luxe cabinet.

 Assume the following in your answer:

  • Work-in-process inventories are negligible and ignored.
  • Direct materials inventory and finished goods inventory are costed using the FIFO method.
  • Unit costs of direct materials purchased and finished goods are constant in January 2020.


Prepare the following budgets for January 2020:

  1. Revenues budget (2 Marks)
  1. Production budget in units (2 Marks)
  1. Direct materials usage budget and direct materials purchases budget (both budgets in units and $)

(4 Marks)

  1. Direct manufacturing labor budget (2 Marks)
  1. Manufacturing overhead budget (2 Marks)
  1. Ending inventories budget (direct materials and finished goods) (2 Marks)
  1. Cost of goods sold budget (2 Marks)

For each budget, prepare by-product (Premium and De Luxe) and in total.

Format of the spreadsheet makes it easy to read and distinguishes clearly between the input and

output cells (2 Marks)

Excel spreadsheets designed in a way that enables different input data to be entered and automatically

change the output data (2 Marks)

Topics in Programming

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