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  • Huffman Encoding Algorithm

    1. Take the two least probable symbols in the alphabet (longest codewords, equal length, differing in last digit)
    2. Combine these two symbols into a single symbol and repeat.

    Huffman Encoding Example

    Huffman Encoding Homework Help

    Disadvantages Of The Huffman Code

    • Changing ensemble
      • If the ensemble changes the frequencies and probabilities change the optimal coding changes
      • For example in text compression symbol frequencies vary with context
      • ReComputing the Huffman code by running through the entire file in advance?
      • Saving or transmitting the code too
    • Does not consider 'blocks of symbols'
      • 'strings_of_ch' the next nine symbols are predictable 'aracters_', but bits are used without conveying any new information
    Huffman Encoding homework Help