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Decision Making Process Management Homework Help

Decision Making Process

Decision-making can be viewed as the psychological procedure bringing about the choice of a conviction or a strategy among a few elective potential outcomes. Each basic leadership procedure creates a last decision that might possibly incite activity. Basic leadership is the investigation of recognizing and picking options dependent on the qualities and inclinations of the chief. Basic leadership is one of the focal exercises of the executives and is a gigantic piece of any procedure of usage.

Decision Making Process

Human execution with respect to choices has been the subject of dynamic research from a few points of view:

  • Psychological : examining individual decisions in the context of a set of needs, preferences and values the individual has or seeks.
  • Cognitive : the decision-making process regarded as a continuous process integrated in the interaction with the environment.
  • Normative : the analysis of individual decisions concerned with the logic of decision-making and rationality and the invariant choice it leads to.

Decision-making can likewise be viewed as a critical thinking action ended by an answer considered to be attractive. It is, consequently, a thinking or enthusiastic procedure which can be judicious or silly and can be founded on express suppositions or implied suspicions. Objective decision hypothesis envelops the thought that individuals attempt to augment benefits while limiting costs.[3]

Some have contended that most choices are made unwittingly. Jim Nightingale expresses that "we essentially choose without contemplating the choice process."[4] In a controlled situation, for example, a study hall, teachers may attempt to urge understudies to gauge upsides and downsides before settling on a choice. This technique is known as Franklin's standard. Nonetheless, in light of the fact that such a standard requires time, intellectual assets and full access to applicable data about the choice, this standard may not best depict how individuals decide.

Here are the steps in decision making process

Problem recognition - The first step is recognizing what the problem is. The managers should determine that why and how the decision will make the difference on the customers or the employees.

Collect information - The next step for making a good decision is to collect appropriate information on the issue. There should be a need of valuable judgment that which information is relevant to the decision making

Identify Alternative - Once the manager or the decision taker understands the clear issue then he or she should identify various solutions. There will be different options to make the decisions the correct option has to be chosen.

Alternative Evaluation- With the evidence in this is step that decision maker evaluate for various factors such as feasibility desirability and accessibility acceptability of the decision.

Selection among Alternative Decisions the manager should understand the risk involved in the decision hence he or she should choose such decision which have less risk.

Take action - When the decision is taken the manager should take appropriate action for the implementation of the decision

Review decision - when the decision is taken and implemented then it should be evaluated its effectiveness. What went right and what went wrong and the improvement for the next time should be reviewed.

In the traditional management the decision used to be taken considering the employees as a factor of production only. For an example the wages given to them just related to their labor and the social and psychological needs were ignored. But now in the scientific management a scientific system is used to take decisions. For an example for determining the labor wages their social and psychological needs are also considered.

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