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BB108 Business Statistics Homework Help

Unit Learning Outcomes covered in this assessment

  • Understand fundamentals of statistics and its application in business
  • Assess when and how to use statistical analysis.
  • Solve statistical problems using analytical methods.

Apply knowledge of related statistical analytical techniques as related to business problems.

Assignment Description

Students are required to produce an individual assignment using data provided. Data is available on BB108 Moodle shell in the folder named [Data set]. You need to use Business Statistics theory, concepts, tools and terminology that you have learnt from weeks 1 to 5 to analyse the data and to write up the assignment.

Data set [Job Satisfaction] is from a global corporation. Three hundred employees of the company globally have been surveyed regards their job satisfaction in the company.

  • The variables include:
    1. ID
    2. “Gender” –1= male or 2=female
    3. Marital status (Married, single)
    4. Age
    5. Years of experience
    6. City that they come from (areas coded from 1 to 5)
    7. Region they come from (east, west, south, north)
    8. Departments (1=IT, 2=Marketing, 3= Sales, 4= HR, 5= Finance 6=Innovation)
    9. Salary (in thousands)
    10. Job satisfaction score before training (1= extremely dissatisfied; 5=extremely satisfied)
    11. Job satisfaction score after training (1= extremely dissatisfied; 5=extremely satisfied)
    12. Life happiness score (1= extremely unhappy; 10=extremely happy)
    13. Promoted (yes, No)

Assignment instructions:

The main challenge in the business is deterioration in job satisfaction among the employees. For this reason the company HR has decided to conduct a survey and identify satisfaction level of the employees. They measure employees satisfaction in two periods of before and after training.

Using statistical theory and application to answer the main research questions below. Also consider the dataset and answer any other research questions that are meaningful to you.

As guide - answer these main research questions. They should be analysed and illustrated through graph or chart or table or a combination:

  • What is the frequency of each of the variables? E.g. married vs unmarried.
  • Are there any meaningful differences between the job satisfaction score before and after training?
  • Are there any differences in the gender on job satisfaction? Both for satisfaction before and after training.
  • Are there any differences in gender on age?
  • What measures of location/variables you can use to present the data?
  • What measures of variation/variables you can use to present the data?

Note: This is only a guide and there are no right and wrong answers when it comes to statistical analysis. You must know and demonstrate your knowledge of this.

Assignment structure:

  • Introduction– Introduce the business and its problems.
    • Describe the company, what does it do
  • Problem definition and business intelligence required
    • Defining problem of the business and what they are trying to achieve by the analysis
    • If you used any measures (e.g. measures of variation) explain why it was most

appropriate by defining what that particular measure is and what it does

  • Identifying the data variables as data types and measurement scales
    • Are the variables in the data Numerical, nominal/categorical, or ordinal. What are the scales of measurements?
  • Descriptive statistics
    • Measures of location
  • Descriptive statistics
    • Measures of variation
  • Methods of data summarising
    • This includes Presenting the relevant descriptive statistics through data visualization/ graphical displays (Tables, graphs, pie charts etc.).
  • Discussion of the results and recommendations
    • Based on the analyses what conclusions about the business can be summarized/drawn and what recommendations can be offered.

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