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{`This is one of the very important topics, when special Formatting is required.

Integer Formatting:

By default %d will display output aligned to left.
Using – sign with %d, will display output aligned to right.
Let us illustrate this and other integer formatting by an example:

/* Program to illustrate integer output formatting */

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
//int a;
printf(“Enter an integer: ”);
printf(“\n This is left aligned with spaces in left having total char 8: %8d”,a);
printf(“\n This is right aligned with spaces in right: %-8d”,a);
printf(“\n This is left aligned with zeroes in left of total char 8: %.8d”,a);

Run this program and see the output you get.

Formatting Of Float:


By default float has precision of 6 digits


3 digits of precision


2 digits of precision with total 8 chars, aligned to left and having zeroes

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