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Result Management System using PHP and MySQL

CIN628 Internet and Web Programming

Project 3: Result Management System using PHP & MySQL

Coursework Contribution: 15%

Group Project – Maximum 3 members per group.


In this project, you are required to create a web-based Result Management System for university students which provides updated results and student profiles for students to view. The objective is to be able to use PHP and MySQL to implement such a system with knowledge from your lab practicals and lectures.

System Requirements

The web-based management system has two modules:

  • Admin Module
  • Student Module

Features of the Admin Module:

As an Admin for the university, he/she should be able to do the following using the web-based system:

  1. Create a new student
  2. Add student results
  3. Search student
  4. Generate result

As a student, he/she is able to do the following using the web-based system:

  1. View profile 2. View result

You are required to implement all of the above modules for the system to function as required.

Individual Feature RequirementsCreate a new Student

This feature allows the admin to create a new student in the system for registering to the university. Here the student is provided with a student id e.g. S100 and a password which the student can use to login to use the system. This module also captures essential data for a student as follows:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • E-Mail
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Program of Study

These details are stored in the Details table in the database.

Add Student Results

This module allows the admin to enter student results one at a time for the students who have completed any unit with the university. The module captures the following data:

  • Student ID
  • Unit Code
  • Unit Name
  • Grade

The above data is stored in the Grades table in the database.

Search Student

This module allows the admin to search for a student and view the profile. The module uses the Student ID as the search criteria to search for the student and display the profile.

Generate Result

This module allows the admin to generate a result report for a student to show the number of units completed by a student and the grades that have been achieved by the respective student. The search criteria for this module will be the Student ID.

View Profile

This module will allow the student to view his or her profile searched by student id.

View Result

This module will allow the student to view his/her results from the database searched by student id.

Database Requirements

Database Name: Premium

The database will have two tables:

  1. Details table
  2. Grades table

Design requirements

You can incorporate bootstrap and css design to allow for better look and feel to your web based management system. Use consistent design features for all pages in the project.

Marking Criteria


Mark Allocation

Project compiles without errors


Project follows the program flow outlined in the specification


Database designed as required


Database tables with correct table names


Login feature


Create new student feature


Add student result feature


Search Student feature


Generate Result feature


View Profile feature


View Results feature


Bootstrap Design Used




Submission Requirements

Only the group leader to submit your compressed zip project folder on Moodle using the Project 3 submission Link. The naming convention for the folder should be Sxxxxxxx_Project2 where Sxxxx is your id number. Late submissions will not be accepted resulting in a grade of zero marks. All members of the group do not need to submit. Plagiarism

It’s important that you avoid plagiarism. Not only do you expose yourself to possibly serious disciplinary consequences, but you’ll also cheat yourself of a proper understanding of the course. You’ll certainly fail the short tests and/or the final, which will test your understanding of this assignment. It’s not plagiarism to discuss the assignment with your friends and consider solutions to the problems together. However, it is plagiarism for you to copy all or part of each other’s programs. Even if your program doesn’t work perfectly, avoid the urge to copy someone else’s. We’ll give some marks if it’s obvious you have worked hard on your own. If you find somebody has stolen your assignment and produced it as their own work, it will be considered plagiarism. Both of parties be will penalize regardless of who the culprit is. So it’s your responsibility to see that no one copies your assignment. Be careful with them. And make sure you log out of the lab machines when you are finished working with them.

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