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C: The Programming Language

Introduction C is one of the most popular and simple Programming Language. It was developed in ell Labs in USA. Programming in C is often called as Structured Programming unlike Object Oriented Programming which is usually done by Java, C++ etc. Throughout this subject we will understand how to make programs in C, what are the syntax, how can we read and write from (to) local files on the computer. Advanced C programmers can interact with the hardware and write codes for the device drivers.

When we compile a C-Program it gets converted into binary executable file, which can be read by computers. Below I am going to show you a sample C program:

Example Program:

#include <stdio.h>
void main()
printf(“Hi, I am learning C.”);


We type the above code in any IDE – Integrated Development Environment such as DevC++, Turbo C etc. You can type this program on simple Notepad or in Linux/Unix environment using Vim or Pico.

C Programming Language Help

You need a C compiler to compile the program and run it on your computer. GCC is one the most popular C Compiler. If you’are working with any IDE, there is an option of “Compile The Program” and then run. For Linux users, open terminal. Suppose localhost is the name of Server and Anupam (which is my name) is the Username, then following screen will be prompted, where anupam.c is source file. anupam@localhost ~$ gcc anupam.c –o anupam.o

The above command will compile the anupam.c file and will generate a binary file named anupam.o. This file when executed, will give output of the program.

For Turbo C users:
Compile: Alt + F9
Run: Ctrl + F9

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Topics in C Programming

Topics in Programming

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