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Features of Fortran assembly program language:

  1. Derived type enhancements:
  2. Object-oriented programming support:
  3. Data manipulation enhancements:
  4. Input/output enhancements:
  5. Procedure pointers.
  6. Support for international usage:

Fortran Programming Code

program average
implicit none
real, dimension(:), allocatable :: points
integer                         :: number_of_points
real  :: average_points=0., positive_average=0., negative_average=0.
write (*,*) "Input number of points to average:"
read  (*,*) number_of_points
allocate (points(number_of_points))
write (*,*) "Enter the points to average:"
read (*,*) points
if (number_of_points > 0) average_points = sum(points) / number_of_points
if (count(points > 0.) > 0) then
positive_average = sum(points, points > 0.) / count (points > 0.)
end if
if (count(points < 0.) > 0) then
negative average = sum(points, points < 0.) / count (points < 0.)
end if
deallocate (points)
write (*,'(a,g12.4)') 'Average = ', average_points
write (*,'(a,g12.4)') 'Average of positive points = ', positive_average
write (*,'(a,g12.4)') 'Average of negative points = ', negative average
end program average