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A public research university located in Fort Collins, Colorado, United States of America, Colorado State University is also referred to as Colorado State, CSU, or simply State. It is the state’s ‘land grant’ university and also the flagship university of the Colorado State University System.

Established in the year 1870, Colorado State University has come a long way and is currently home to more than thirty-three thousand students (including the residential and non-residential students). The university comprises of eight colleges and fifty-five academic departments.

CSU is widely regarded for the quality of education that it imparts to the students. It can be said that this Colorado State University is the face of the education system of the Colorado state. The university ranks quite high in the entire country in terms of the expenditure on research and development. For the fiscal year 2012, it was ranked at the 60th spot in terms of this expenditure and at the 34th spot upon excluding the medical school spending.

The institute has always been producing brilliant graduates who make their mark in the professional world. The graduates of this university include many Pulitzer Prize winners, governors of the Colorado State, astronauts, and CEOs. The place is quite popular among the students of the country and from all over the world as well. 

Courses offered:

Colorado State University has courses in almost all the fields and streams that a student can think of. The university offers a huge range of courses to the students to choose from. One can imagine the range of courses at this university by the fact that it offers bachelor’s degrees in as many as 65 fields of study. At the same time, there are master’s courses on offer in 55 different fields of study and the doctoral degrees are offered in as many as 40 different academic disciplines. The university literally has a plethora of courses for the students to choose from. In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons for the university to be home to a staggering thirty-three thousand students.

Besides offering all the conventional courses, the university also offers some unconventional courses and programs to the students. The university employs as many as 1,540 faculty members and has another 1000 on tenure-track appointments. The student: faculty ration at the university is a wonderful 17:1. So, as a student here, you get all the attention and guidance that you need during your college years.

Reasons for international students to attend Colorado State University:

In most cases, when international students travel abroad for their further education, it is the first time that they leave their home town for so long. Therefore, it is naturally quite challenging for all students.

But if you are leaving your hometown to attend Colorado State University, you do not need to worry much. Your stay at this university is going to be unique in a lot of ways. There is a unique sort of comfort that every student who studies at this university feels.

For many years now, thousands of international students have been calling the Colorado State University their home. The institute boasts of a huge reputation in the community of international students and thus, it receives thousands of applications every year from students all over the world.

There are several reasons for international students to attend Colorado State University. Here are a few of them:

1. It is already home to many international students

With a student population from as many as 90 countries all over the world, Colorado State University is an institute tailor-made for international students. The student population is so diverse here that every student, irrespective of the place and community that he comes from, feels at home. The university strives to bring together students from all over the world and form a diverse student body every year/ The office of admissions, campus partners, and current international students studying at the university are extremely helpful to all the nervous souls that enter the college gates for the first time after leaving their homeland. The university also runs support programs, especially for international students.

2. The beautiful campus

When one talks about Colorado State University, it is extremely difficult to miss out on mentioning the campus. The campus of CSU is extremely unique. It contains beautiful foothills, a stretch of trees, and much more. There is a unique feel about the campus of this university. The entire university is a ten-minute stretch from one end to the other on foot. If you are a Colorado State University student, then the beautiful and lively campus that you live in is surely a reason to feel proud. In fact, CSU is widely known for the greenery on the campus. With all the trees in and around, CSU has one of the greenest campuses you can come across. The Stars rating system, an independent program that measures comprehensive sustainability efforts and ranks 700 universities all around the world on this basis has awarded CSU the platinum status, the highest possible rating. In fact, CSU is the first and only campus to have achieved it. Therefore, if you are planning on attending the CSU, be prepared to live in a vibrant and unique setting.

3. Least student debt

For students who leave their homeland and travel to a different country, tuition fees and other expenditures are factors that they cannot ignore. In fact, for international students who come from places like Asia, the tuition fee alone can be a headache because of the difference of the currency strengths. Most of the students take student loans to study in their dream colleges.

However, if you decide to study at Colorado State University, you won’t face this problem. It would help you to know that as much as 43% of Colorado State University does not take any sort of student loans. For those who do take a debt, it is estimated at an average of just $23,000. For every international student or for all students in general, a student loan can be a huge problem. It can hold you back for a huge part of your life. When you come to Colorado State University, you can feel free and work as a free individual in the future.

4. Top ranking programs

As an international student, it is obvious that you would not want to leave your hometown for anything less than the best. Well, that is exactly what the Colorado State University offers to its students. The veterinary school of the university is ranked at number 3 in the entire country. Also, the university, as a whole, is ranked among the top 50 schools in the country in a high number of graduate school categories. If you are looking to study management, then you have good news too. The MBA program of Colorado State University is the very best in the state. Moreover, it is ranked at the 51st spot in the country as well. In terms of Design and Merchandising too, Colorado State University is ranked in the top 5% schools of the nation.

In simple words, the university offers the best quality of the programs. As a student, the first priority is always the quality of education and Colorado State University meets all the expectations that a student can have in this area. It imparts a top quality of education to its students and this is the reason that it receives so many applications every year.

Also, if you are bent towards research, then CSU is one of the best places for you. The university offers amazing research programs. In fact, it is ranked at the 7th spot in the entire world in terms of environmental and engineering research. The students of this university have proved their worth by doing wonderful things in the world of science.

5. The student population

When a student leaves all his comfort and familiar places & surroundings behind and travels to a new place, one of the biggest concerns that he has is about settling in. It is highly likely for an international student to have anxiety regarding the place he is going to. Well, if you come to Colorado State University, there is no need to worry about this. The student body is extremely diverse. There are students from as many as 95 countries that call this university home. Moreover, each student living on campus possesses a spirit of doing much more than studying. There are groups and organizations that keep on taking new initiatives and achieving new things. So, you can rest assured that you are going to meet like-minded and passionate students in this university. Thus, you’ll get an extra dose of motivation every day because of the students around you.

Moreover, you will never feel a dearth of opportunities while living on the campus. The university has ample opportunities to offer to all the students. When you are here, you do not need to look for opportunities. They will be right in front of you and all you would be required to do is grab them.

Prospects for international students:

As already mentioned, the Colorado State University produces great graduates every year. It produces graduates who prove themselves every now and then in various fields. You being an international student does not change anything. As an international student, you enjoy the same prospects in terms of placement or future success as a native student does. In fact, you being an international student puts you at a sort of advantage. The university runs some programs especially for the likes of you to make sure of your convenient stay. Some such efforts are:

1. Academic English Program especially for international students

While traveling abroad, language can be a major barrier. If you do not know English or face trouble with it, then you are surely in for a lot more. Therefore, the Colorado State University runs an Academic English program for international students which is accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation. The program is meant to prepare international students for their stay and university-level study in the United States. This is a rigorous program that provides the students with all the knowledge and high-quality English language instruction that they need to make their stay convenient. The students, in this program, learn to present their ideas effectively in spoken as well as written English. They acquire the necessary skills required to write long documents in English like research papers and thesis. Also, they learn to critically analyze the academic texts and also learn and understand the US values in academic settings.

2. Cultural Mentor program

The university understands that it is absolutely normal for a student traveling thousands of miles to study away from his home to get nervous and anxious. Therefore, to help all the international students in this transition, the Colorado State University runs a Cultural Mentor Program for them.

The university has built a team called the Cultural Mentor Team which is a group of American and International students. These students are trained to help and assist the new international students who arrive at the university. These volunteers are supposed to help the international students with everything from finding housing to helping them with their cultural adjustment.

The university assigns every international student a Cultural Mentor who communicates with and helps you throughout the summer. Moreover, these cultural mentors also have various activities each semester. These cultural mentors provide the students with a great chance to have fun. They help the international students in connecting with the other so students on campus and also help them in learning the values and cultural system of the university and the country.

In the simplest of words, the university does not leave you alone with the anxiety and nervousness that you bring with yourself. It provides you a person to contact right from the very beginning. So, whenever you face any difficult situation, you have someone to consult and talk to. Thus, the university attempts to make your arrival and consequently your stay a lot more comfortable than it would be at any other institute.

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