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Hult International Business School Assignment help

Hult International Business School Assignment help

Study abroad at Hult International Business School

A brief introduction:

Hult International Business School, or more commonly known as Hult Business School or simply Hult, is a non-profit private business school with campuses in multiple cities around the world. In fact, Hult has campuses in six cities that are quite influential on the global level. These cities are Cambridge, San Francisco, Dubai, London, New York City, and Shanghai. The institute is named after its benefactor, Betil Hult, who is the successor of Arthur D. Little School of Management.

An interesting fact to know about Hult International Business School is that it is the only American business school to be accredited in the United Kingdom, the United States, and the European Union. It is an institute of decent prestige and reputation and produces thousands of graduates every year. With the passing time, the popularity of Hult Business School is increasing and more and more students are getting attracted towards it.

The college offers undergraduate, master’s, MBA degree programs, and even executive education to the students. It is widely recognized as an institution that imparts quality education to its students. Moreover, Hult is also the patron of the ‘Hult Prize’, which is the world’s largest competition for social good. The competition is held in collaboration with former U.S. Presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and the United Nations Foundation. 

Courses offered:

As the name suggests, the Hult International Business School offers programs that have business at their core. The programs are tried and tested to produce graduates that become leaders in their respective fields. The college has been accredited by the concerned authorities to hand out degrees. Over the years, Hult has gained a reputation of being a prestigious institute.

As the name suggests, the school offers management programs in different forms and at different levels. There is a full-time undergraduate program (Bachelor of Business Administration) on offer for the high school graduates. Moreover, the school offers a one-year-long master’s program in both general business and specialized disciplines.

Besides these, the school offers a full time one year MBA program for the students who are looking to acquire quality education in little time. For the working professionals who are looking for a management degree, Hult International Business School offers a flexible part-time MBA program that is offered in multiple locations. There is another program called the Metropolitan Executive MBA that is a part-time course offered in some cities across South and North America.

Lastly, there is a program called Ashridge Executive Education offered by the school that allows the students to choose from custom programs, open programs, and degrees.

All the programs mentioned above have been designed to train the students for the competition that they face after completing their degree when they go into the market.

Reasons to attend Hult International Business School:

If you are confused about where to go to college, there is one thing that you can be sure of; and that is that you are not alone. Finalizing your higher education destination is probably the biggest decision that a student has to take in his entire academic life. After all, life ahead solely depends on this one decision. This one decision decides the path of all the decisions that the student takes in his life forward. It is very important for a student to have quality guidance at this time and if he doesn’t, things can be pretty stressful.

In the case of an international student, the decision is even more difficult. For someone who leaves everything and travels to a different country, deciding the study destination is a daunting task in the very first place. There are obviously a lot of things that a student wishes to have in his college. Hofstra International Business School has a decent combination of these elements.

There are plenty of reasons for someone to attend this college. Here are some of them:

  1. Opportunity to make a career change

Management or business degree is one of the ideal ways for professionals to explore a new role or industry. It is also a way that candidates use to learn and develop skills and knowledge that are needed to take a new career path. At Hult, you get to learn a diverse range of skills and get the exposure that you need. Hult gives you the chance to learn skills that you need to change your job function or industry.

The curriculum and format that the classes follow make the students learn how to put the theory into practice. You do not just scratch the surface of a new business world, but you extensively learn as to how that sphere or industry works in the real world out there. You gain valuable insights through case studies, live projects, and simulations. Moreover, you get the practical experience that you require to make the transition from one job to another smoothly.

For the budding entrepreneurs out there, who wish to create something of their own and put it in the market, an MBA is the ideal option and getting it from an institute like Hult International Business School definitely helps in the long run.

  1. A global experience

When it comes to college, none of us wants to get a local university experience in a small town. And we definitely do not want to be in the same city that we live in if it means compromising on the quality of experience. Hult Business School gives the students a truly international experience of learning. The diversity in the student community is one of the primary factors that go into this. A student at Hult meets people from around the world and share their experiences with them while getting to know them better. All of these experiences shape and change the way the student looks at the world. His vision broadens to a huge extent.

Moreover, as already mentioned, Hult has an international sort of network of locations and campuses. Leveraging this huge range of locations, Hult, through some of its programs, offers the students a prestigious opportunity to study at four locations in just one course. Thus, the student ends up getting a truly global experience. Needless to mention, this is a rare opportunity for any student to get and a major reason for one to be attracted to this institute.

  1. Decent rankings

Well, this something that every student wishes for his college to have. Nobody wants to go to a college that has below par or poor rankings. All of us want to study in the best of the colleges and institutes. In this regard, Hult International Business School is better than most of the colleges. In the rankings released by Financial Times in the year 2008, the Masters in Management program of the institute was ranked at the 53rd spot in the country. The International Business Program was ranked at the prestigious 8th spot among the colleges in the country. Times Higher Education and Wall Street Journal ranked General Masters in Management Program of the institute as high as the 19th spot. The Economist, in the global rankings that it released in the year 2017, ranked the Hult Business School at the 13th rank for its program and at the 1st spot in terms of student diversity in the entire world.

In the simplest of words, Hult International Business School has managed to grab the best spots in the rankings year after year. This is one of the main reasons for the college to receive so many applications every year.

Prospects for International students:

It is no secret that the quality of life of an international student at a college cannot be determined by the same factors as that of a local student. Just like a lot of other factors go into the decision-making process of an international student, the life of the prospects also depends upon a lot of other factors.

If you are an international student, it is nothing but natural for you to be confused and to have apprehensions while deciding where to attend college. Again, these fears will be due to reasons that will be absolutely unknown to a local student.

In the case of international students, once the college is decided upon, a lot of time goes into worrying about the kind of environment awaits in that place for the student.

For an international student to enjoy decent prospects at a college away from his home, the college is required to have certain ingredients or things or elements. Some of these things available at Hult International Business School are:

  1. Amazing campus experience and opportunities:
    One of the first things that an international student needs in abundance to gain some confidence is opportunities. It is no secret that the students learn better when they get a chance to query, explore, to apply theory in real life, and when they get a chance to be heard. At Hult, you get an explorative experience and get all of such opportunities. At this college, the learning that happens outside the classroom is given equal importance as the learning that happens inside a classroom. The entire student body is represented by a group called the Hult Student Association. This association makes sure that the voices of all the students on campus get heard and represented in the appropriate manner.

The various clubs and societies that operate on-campus give international students a strong sense of community and belonging and make them feel at home. The sports teams and the campus events that are organized throughout the year also add to this feeling. The institute emphasizes the need to be in a community and makes sure that the students get comfortable right from their first day.

The innovative and rapidly evolving environment of the institute gives the students a chance to prosper and get ready for the market.

  1. Great placements

Needless to mention, we all want our college to provide us best-in-class placement opportunities. Every student wishes to get a handsome return on the investment that he makes in terms of time and of course money. At Hult, almost every other student gets this return. Thousands of graduates are produced by this college every year and they are placed by the best of the companies and organizations. The college helps the students realize and achieve their true career potential. There are career development teams in the college that work in this area to make sure that the students get the best of the opportunities.

If one looks at the statistics last year, it can be found that the graduates of Hult International Business School secured employment in as many as eight hundred companies in more than 60 countries from all over the globe.

In other words, at Hult International Business School, international students get a chance to develop a truly international career.

  1. Diversity

As an international student, when you step into your college, you would love if you see some familiar students. If not so, you will surely settle for students in a similar situation as yours. In other words, no international student wishes to be the only international student on campus when he reaches college. It surely helps to see students in your course or program from different countries. The reason behind this is that you get to share the same experiences as those of the other international students. Just like you, they would also be thousands of miles away from their countries and homeland.

At Hult, the student community is made up of students from as many as 130 countries on the face of this Earth. From this stat itself, one can imagine the range of diversity that an international student is going to witness on campus. This diversity also proves to be really helpful for the students to develop a global network while being in college only. So, when a student graduates from Hult International Business School, he graduates with a network that would take years for a student from any other college to build.

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