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IS 333A Business Computer Systems Analysis

IS 333A: Business Computer Systems Analysis 
School of Business, Emporia State University 

The purpose of this project is to apply concepts of Systems Analysis to business environment.

As a systems analyst, your job is to identify business problems, initiate and manage new project, ensure the timely and accurate design and development of the product, and to implement and close the project efficiently. In this project, you are tasked with identifying a business problem and apply all the above skills to ensure completion of the project.

Present a business problem (fictitious or real) that requires you to develop a new Information System. You may choose to use the same case from your first assignment or propose a new case. Create a project workbook that includes all necessary documents to propose, initiate, and execute the project. You will follow the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process for the development of the new system.

The workbook should contain the followings:

  1. Project Selection and Identification
    1. Project Identifications (Must identify and propose at least 3 IS projects)
    2. Project Ranking
    3. Project Selection (Must provide justification for the selection)
  2. Project Charter
  3. Baseline Project Plan
    1. Problem Overview
    2. Proposed Alternate Solutions (at least two solutions)
    3. Proposed System Description
    4. Feasibility Assessment
      1. Economic Feasibility analysis (must include costs-benefits analysis)
      2. Technical Feasibility analysis
      3. Operational Feasibility analysis
      4. Legal and Contractual Feasibility analysis
    5. Management Plan
      1. Team Configuration
      2. Team Management
      3. Communication Plan
      4. Project Standards and Procedures
      5. Resource requirements (project timeline, network diagram, schedule, and other necessary documents)
    6. Requirements Determination & Analysis
      1. Plan for Requirements Determination ii. Requirements Document with a set of high-level requirements
    7. Sample Design of User Interface
    8. Implementation Plan
    9. Implementation Documents
    10. Documentation (User Manuals & Training Documents)
    11. Maintenance Plan
    12. Breakdown of all project tasks by each of the SDLC phases
    1. Project Description
    2. Problem/Opportunity Statement
    3. Project Benefits
    4. Project Deliverables & Functionalities
    5. Project Schedule/delivery date
    6. Project Costs
    7. Customer Contract

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