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    ITS 35000 System Assurance

    1. Abstract

    A short one or two paragraphs about the laboratory exercise. Discuss what is going to be done, and what will be accomplished. You will have points deducted if you skimp on this section.

    2. Steps of the process

    Detail each of the steps, screenshots (if applicable), output, questions to be answered, etc. Be detailed and document all steps taken, using screenshots to demonstrate that you completed each step.

    3. Issues or problems

    What, if any, issues did you experience during the laboratory exercise?

    4. Review questions

    The answers to the review questions, if any, should be included, labeled, and attached as part of the lab.

    5. Conclusions

    Detail the output and final results of the laboratory exercises. Answer the question: “What did you learn during this lab?”

    6. References

    [1] ITS35000 Syllabus

    Include proper APA 5 references section for all sources cited. In-text citations should also be correct and conform to APA 5 guidelines. Some reasons for deductions of points can include not finishing the assignment, not answering assigned review questions, poorly written materials, inappropriate content within the laboratory assignment, grammar, or other indicators of poor scholarship. Remember that minimum effort will result in a minimum grade. Thorough documentation and clear communication are expected on all lab assignments.