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Tableau is one of the most well known and powerful business knowledge apparatuses. It is utilized for outwardly breaking down the realities and information. Tableau is for the most part used to disseminate and make a shareable and intelligent dashboard. It can without much of a stretch speak to the varieties, thickness, and patterns of the information as diagrams and charts. It additionally can be associated with the social, documents, and enormous information sources to secure procedure the information.

Top Universities for Masters in Business Analytics Using Tableau Assignment Help in Australia

Top Universities for Tableau Data Analytics

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  • RMIT
  • Monash University
  • Victoria University
  • Latrobe University
  • Deakin University
  • University of Sydney
  • University of Melbourne
  • Queensland University of Technology
  • Business Intelligence
  • Cloud Analytics
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Healthcare Analytics
  • IT Analytics
  • Government Analytics
  • Education Analytics etc.

Sample Tableau Homework Help Done and Solved by Tableau Assignment Experts

Assignment on Data Vizualization Fundamentals Tableau

{`Read the brief case below. Using Tableau Desktop Profession Edition, complete the questions. EA Inc.
EA Inc. is a growing company for software in the United States. As part of their business expansion initiatives,
they ventured into the Video Games space in 1985. Since electronic video games took off a couple years ago,
the management team wants to review the global sales figures to understand if this is a profitable buisness.
They have the sales data for the years 1984 - 2018 for some of the leading Video Game manufacturers.
For this assignment, please take screenshots (you can use Snipping tool if you have a windows system) of your
Tableau results and paste them into a microsoft word document. Please submit a Word doc only for this assignment.`}

Instructions for Tableau Homework Help Solved By Tableau Assignment Help Experts

  1. Login to Tableau
  2. Import the excel file - Video_Games_Sales.xlsx
  3. Drag the vgsales table to the create a connection
Tableau Assignment Help Australia
  1. Click on “Goto Worksheet” at the bottom to insert a blank worksheet for your questions

20 points each

  1. Management wants to see all sales for each genre.

Required Components: 1) A bar chart depicting Global Sales in million USD versus Genre in the other axis. 2) Display the Sum total of the Global Sales as the label 3) Edit the label of “Global Sales” to “Global Sales (in Million USD)” 4) Change the color of each bar to depict a different color for each genre 5) Change the label of the sheet to - Overall Sales (All times) for each Genre.

  1. Management is eager to know the number of games sold for each platform. Display the Number of Games as Bar Charts.

Required Components: 1.) A bar chart for count of the platforms. 2) Label the bars with the count of the number of games. 3) Add a different color for each bar representing a different platform 4) Sort the bar chart in descending order 5) Change the label of the sheet to – Number of Games for each Platform.

  1. Historically PS4, Wii and X360 have dominated the video game market. The Management team wants to invest in 4 different genres – Action, Adventure, Sports and Strategy. Help them understand how the Global Sales has been across these genres. Add a filter each on Genre and Platform to filter only the values needed.{" "} Required Components: ) Use horizontal bars to depict this comparison. 2.) Use color to differentiate the Genre 3.) Add a filter to include only Wii, PS4 and X360. 4.) Add a filter to include Genres – Action, Adventure, Sports, Strategy. 5). Add a text label to each bar to depict the sum of Global Sales. 6) Label the sheet – Platform versus Genres.
  1. Management wants to find out the Top 10 publishers in the market based on the number of games published. Use Packed Bubbles and give the ability for management to find the Top 10 Publishers.

Required Components: 1.) Use Packed Bubbles to display your results. 2.) Add a filter for Top 10 Publishers based on the count of the games. 3.) Change the color of the bubble based on the Publisher 4.) Change the label of the sheet to – Top 10 Publishers.

  1. To make the presentation more appealing, put together your visualizations as a storyboard.{" "} Required Components: ) Create a storyboard. 2.) Insert a cover page to highlight what the report is about. 3.) On each page add text to explain the visualization/findings.

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