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XML Queries And Transformations


XML Means eXtensible Markup Language.

XML is made to transport as well as store data.

XML is essential to understand and very simple to learn.

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XML Queries

  1. XQuery is made to be considered a small, easily implementable language.
  2. XQuery is flexible enough to query a broad spectrum of XML information sources, including both databases and documents.
  3. XQuery identifies the human-readable syntax for that language
  4. The fundamental foundation associated with XQuery is the expression
  5. XQuery is a functional language
  6. XQuery is a strongly-typed language

Different Query Languages For XML

  1. XPath And XQL: path expression syntax suitable for hierarchical documents
  2. XML-QL: binding variables and utilizing bound variables to create new structures
  3. SQL: SELECT-FROM-WHERE pattern for restructuring data
  4. OQL: ODMG
  5. Quilt: take lots of benefits through over XML query languages and it’s the immediate ancestor of XQuery

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XML Transformation Language

An XML transformation language is a programming language created specifically to transform an input XML document into an output XML document which satisfies some specific goal.

There are two special cases of transformation:

XML To XML: The output document is an XML document.

XML To Data: The output document is a byte stream.

xml queries and transformations homework help
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