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Database System Architectures Design Homework Help

Data Architecture in enterprise architecture is the design of data for use in defining the target state and the subsequent planning needed to achieve the target state. It is almost always one of many architecture domains that form the pillars of an enterprise architecture or solution architecture.

A data architecture explains the data structures utilized by a business and/or its programs. There are explanations of data in storage and data in motion; explanations of data stores, data groups and data items; as well as mappings of those data artifacts to data qualities, applications, areas and so on.

Essential to realizing the target state, Data Architecture explains how data is actually processed, saved and utilized in a given system. It offers requirements for data processing operations that making it feasible to design data flows as well as also control the flow of data in the system.

Database System Architectures Design Homework Help

The Data Architect is responsible for determining the prospective state, alignment during improvement and then minor follow up to ensure improvements are done in the spirit of the original blueprint

During the description of the target state, the Data Architecture breaks a subject down to the atomic level and then builds it back up to the desired form. The Data Architect breaks the subject down by going through 3 traditional architectural processes:

  1. Conceptual : Represents all business entities.
  2. {" "} Logical: Represents the logic of how entities are related.
  3. {" "} Physical: The realization of the data mechanisms for a specific type of functionality.

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