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Centralized Database Homework help

Centralized Database


A centralized Database is database system that consists of a single processor for multiple users. In centralized Database, database is stored in a single computer such as a mainframe computer at a central location. Multiple users can access the database simultaneously at the same time.

This database is usually accessed through LAN or WAN internet. Centralized database is mainly used by colleges, institutions, banks, and companies. All the information of the organisation is stored in a single database.

Below is the centralized database of a company in which four different departments have single database.

In the above figure, different departments of a company have one centralized database. Any department can access any information from the centralized database.

In centralized database, data is integrated as the same information is not stored at different locations. For example, both the HR department and finance department needs the employee's information, although both the departments access different portions of database, but the information related to employees is located only in one department's database. It is the job of Database administrator to manage the information related to employee in both the departments.

Centralized Database Assignment Help Advantages:

1. It maximises the data integrity as the whole data is stored in a single physical location.

2. Provides high accuracy and consistency as possible.

3. Centralized database is more secure as the whole data is stored in a single location so there can be high security measures around it.

4. It provides easy portability as the data is stored at a centralized location.

5. In centralized database data redundancy is minimal, as the data is at single location and not scattered across different locations.

Centralized Database homework help

Centralized Database Disadvantages:

1. Since all the data is stored at the same location so it takes more time for users to access the data at the same time.

2. Network may slow down if all users try to access the data at the same time.

3. If there is any failure in the centralized computer, then it creates problem for users.

4. Also, if there is no backup of database, the whole data is destroyed in case of any failure.

5. Due to access of data by multiple users at the same time may reduce system efficiency. (Onsman, 2018)

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