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Uses Of SOAP Homework Help

  1. Over the extranet data exchange are simply simplifies
  2. Enables web site to integrate services from other sites
  3. Remote scripting more prevalent with SOAP
  4. Non-browser client could seamlessly access a service across web
  5. SOAP allows you to get around firewalls
  6. SOAP application Business to Business integration
  7. SOAP communicates via Internet
  8. SOAP is an XML-based messaging protocol


Moving forward to the topic, why we use SOAP first understand what is SOAP? SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol is a messaging protocol that communicates with the program that's running on the Windows 2000 to communicate with the program running on the Linux Operating System with the help of HTTP protocol over World Wide Web. In other words, we can define SOAP as an XML based messaging protocol for exchanging information between computers having same platform or different. Now we are going to discuss uses of SOAP. The protocol provides data transport for web services and can be used for broadcasting a message. We can define SOAP is an XML way of defining what information is sent and how it will send. It enables a client application so that easily connects to remote services and also can invoke remote methods. SOAP has the capability to exchange complete document or call a remote procedure. As we have already discussed the example of SOAP is platform and language independent. Also has capability to extend HTML from XML messaging.

Use Of SOAP Homework Help

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