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HC1010 Accounting For Business

Group Assignment Topic:

Identifying and assessing the financial statement analysis by Understanding the financial ratios, directors report and ethical standards

The objective of this project is to provide you with an opportunity to assess the company’s financial position and analyse according to the given data in Annual report.

Part 1: Annual report from ASX listed company, Explain FY (2016-2017) with the comparison of previous 02 financial years:

  1. P/L statement
  2. Cash flow statement
  3. Balance sheet

Part 2: Ratio Analysis:

Explain FY (2016-2017) with the comparison of previous 02 financial years. Following ratios should be calculated according to the information given in the annual report. Profitability ratio, Efficiency ratio, Liquidity Ratio, Rate of Return

  1. Profitability Ratio:
    Return on Assets = Net Profit + Interest (Net of Income Tax)/ Average Total Assets
  2. Efficiency Ratio:
    Inventory Turnover = COGS/Average Inventory
  3. Liquidity Ratio:
    Current Ratio = Current Assets/Current Liabilities
  4. Rate of Return:
    Earning per Shares = Net Profit-Preference Dividends/Weighted average number of Ordinary Shares issued

Part 03:

Based on the directors’ report, explain how the management works for the best interest of the company. Ethical standards need to be mentioned. If you are an investor, are you going to invest on this company? Why or Why not?

Detail Instructions of the Assignment by comparing previous 02 financial years

Part 01:

  • Analyse Profit and Loss with previous year’s figures and competitors from the same industry
  • Analyse Cash flow statement to show their Financing/operating/investing activities. Explanation of each activities
  • Analyse B/Sheet to show company’s financial position of the company

Part 02: Calculate the ratios based on the information from Annual Report and briefly explain.

Part 03:

  • Corporate governance statements and the practice of the integrity policy inside the business.
  • Management’s approach towards:
    • Taking and managing business risks.
    • Attitudes and actions toward financial reporting.
    • Attitudes toward information processing and accounting functions and personnel.

Additional Factors that you may consider include:

  • Business operations
  • Investments and investment activities
  • Financing and financing activities
  • Industry size
  • Major players/competitors
  • Market shares of Industry players
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