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HI6006 Competitive Strategy Assignment Help

HI6006 Competitive Strategy
Group Assignment

HI6006 Competitive Strategy Assessment Description

Choose 2 of the topics that have been covered in lectures 4-9 from the following list:

  • Lecture 4 - global strategy as business model change
  • Lecture 5 - target markets and modes of entry
  • Lecture 6 - globalising the value proposition
  • Lecture 7 - global branding
  • Lecture 8 - globalising the value chain infrastructure Lecture 9 - Globalising the supply chain
HI6006 Competitive Strategy Assignment Help

Select 2 organisations from any 2 service industries (4 organisations in total). For each organisation explain how they have applied your chosen theory(ies) and critically evaluate their approach and the reasons behind their successes/failures with respect to the theory.

Your evaluation should include counter arguments where available, which consider alternative views on the theory topic or address situations in which an organisation has been successful or unsuccessful, contrary to the theory’s recommendations and why this has been the case.


This is a group assignment. Every member of the group is expected to be able to discuss all areas of the report and be a fully active participant in the presentation. You should meet many times and discuss the issues identified in the report.

Recommended Structure

Group Report:

Your assessment should be submitted in formal report format with an Executive Summary, Main Body, Conclusion and Bibliography. You are recommended to use, at the very least, a Word (or similar) report HI6006 Competitive Strategy Assignment Help to give your report a professional look and feel.

You do not need to define the concepts in detail. Descriptive material has negligible value and should be avoided. The report should focus on analysis, discussion and recommendation, enriched by ideas found in journal articles. In business you will be expected to produce short well-argued reports. This is where you demonstrate that skill.

Group Presentation: Your group will be required to do an in-class presentation during the tutorials. The presentation will last no more than 10 mins and all members are required to present.

Assessment Criteria

Students should consult the marking rubric (see below) to see exactly what is required and how your assignment will be marked.

You should enrich this assignment with ideas from other materials such as journal articles. This additional research will be necessary to obtain the best marks.

All ideas in the report must be referenced using Harvard Referencing (in-text citations and full references at the back). Order now to get HI6006 Competitive Strategy Assignment Help from us.

This assignment will include an element of peer assessment.

HI6006 Competitive Strategy Assessment Help
Group Assignment
Trimester 1
Written document: A short report

1. Choose a global business form the following :

  • - Milk industry (in Australia and New Zealand)
  • - Car industry (especially Peugeot in China)
  • - On line retailing especially Alibaba vs Amazon
  • - Container shipping Maersk)
  • - Woolworths and Coles operating overseas markets
  • - Organic food company trying to expand in international market
  • - Health and fitness company
  • - Any small to medium size company in Australia which is trying to expand

Note: You need to discuss your choice with your lecturer before you start your assignment.

2. Discussion on theory maximum 20%

3. This assignment is in report form with the following headings:

  • - Executive summary
  • - Apply

framework which includes Adaptation, Aggregation and Arbitrage

  • - Porters 3 generic strategies (cost leadership, differentiation, focus and Hybrid)
  • - Diversification and Integration
  • - Competitive advantage
  • - Absolute advantage
  • - Your comments or any recommendations

4. Referencing for HI6006 Competitive Strategy Assignment Help

References Harvard style: Every member needs to bring at least 2 articles which the group would use and add that articles with your report with reference page. There is no need to submit the articles on BB. Students need to submit a soft copy on BB and hard copy on Lvl 6 by due date. To do well groups need to do a quality research and apply the above concepts from the subject.

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