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HI5004 Marketing Management T1 2020 Individual Report

HI5004 Marketing Management T1 2020
Trimester 1 2020
Individual Assignment
Assessment Title  	Tutorial Question Assignment 1
Holmes Institute

Assignment Specifications


This individual assignment is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their understanding of marketing management


Answer All FIVE (5) of the following questions. The questions come from the recorded tutorial questions from week 3 to week 6.

Question 1 Week 3: Tutorial 2 (10 marks)

The firm's success depends not only on how well each department performs its work, but also on how well the various departmental activities are coordinated to conduct core business processes. List and briefly describe in 300 words the four core business processes. Use an example for each process to illustrate your discussion

Question 2 Week 4: Tutorial 3 (10 marks)

Explain what is qualitative research and why it might be useful to marketers. What are its major drawbacks? Answer this question in 300 words

Question 3 Week 5: Tutorial 4 (10 marks) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oUqt-WbFkY

“Consumers have become part-time marketers”. Use the information from the video and discuss to this statement in 300 words.

  • The discussion must contain the information from video
  • You must support your discussion by referring to 3 additional academic sources from ProQuest (ensure that you reference them correctly)

Question 4 Week 5: Tutorial 4 (10 marks)

The family is the most important consumer buying organization in society, and family members constitute the most influential primary reference group. Name two family categorizations and discuss the impact of each of the categories on buying behavior. Answer this question in 300 words

Question 5 Week 6: Tutorial 5 (10 marks) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tF9r9LrOb70

Watch the video and answer all 3 questions in a total of 300 words.

  1. How can Tesla implement a marketing campaign with limited budget? (4 marks) 2. Who is the target customer of Tesla? (3marks)
  1. What is the future of Tesla? (3 marks)

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