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Hi5017 Activity-based costing

ctivity-based costing becomes famous in management circles and business writing. But, computing a baseline for procedures, creating the model and re-evaluating the model once it is deployed is costly and time-consuming. In sum, deploying a traditional ABC confronted the following issues:

  • Data for ABC model was subjective and complex to verify
  • ABC model cannot be simply updated to embed changing scenarios
  • Surveying as well as interviewing process is known to consume large time intervals and is expensive.
  • The information is costly to process, record and report
  • This model was not correct from a theoretical perspective as it ignores the ability for unused capacity.

Elegant approach to above-stated problem

There exists a solution for all the above-stated concerns by devising and testing an advanced approached named as TDABC.

Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing

TDABC simplify the costing phenomenon by eradicating the requirements to survey and interview employees for assigning resource cost to procedures prior driving them down to cost entities. Initially, it computes the cost of supply of resource capacity. In the initial phase, this TDABC model computes the expense of all resource personnel, occupancy, supervisions, equipment and technology given to this process. Time-driven activity-based costing reduces the amount of information desired and only requires estimation of two facts, i.e. unit times for carrying out transactional procedures and practical capacity of the committed resources along with cost.

TDABC involves the capacity cost rate for driving the resource costs to cost objects through of resource capacity which is required by every cost object. However, TDABC enables the time estimation to vary based on particular demand like expedited orders. TDABC model simulates the actual procedures involved to execute work across an organisation. Hence, it can collect far more variation and difficulty than traditional ABC model without generating exploding needs for data estimation.

Advantages of TDABC

  • Appropriate strategic profitability and cost which is affordable, fact and simple to develop
  • This model is simple flexible across highly diverse and difficult organisation database technologies and elastic applications software.
  • A model which determines the opportunities for capacity management and process efficiencies
  • Forecasts of resource requirements, enabling organisations to budget for the capacity desired to manage sales as well as production estimates in strategic plans.

Differences between conventional and TDABC technique

Conventional ABC

Conventional ABC initiates with a project staff interviewing department personnel and supervisors to learn different procedures they perform. ABC team identifies that department executes the below-stated activities:

  • Manage customer complaints and inquiries
  • Processing of customer order
  • Checking customer credits
  • Time-driven ABC


TDABC skips the phase of activity definition and hence the requirement to assign the cost of the department to the difference procedures the department executes. This time driven strategy avoids time-consuming, costly and subjective activity surveying activity of conventional ABC. It involves time equation which automatically and directly allots resource cost the procedures performed.

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