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Java Object Classes Homework Help

Java object class

Java is an object-oriented programming language. Everything in java is related to the class and objects. Class is a user-defined plan from which objects are created.

These components are used while declaring the class:

  • Modifier
  • Body
  • Class name
  • Superclass
  • Interfaces

There are many types of classes are used while making various applications like nested classes, anonymous class etc. All classes must have at least one constructor otherwise java compiler automatically generates the default constructor with no parameter

The object can be called a real-life item. An object comprises of state, behaviour and character. For example in a graphics program, objects can be circle, square, rectangular etc.

Example of class and objects

{`public class Student  {  ;
String id;
int age;
String add;
void marks()  {  ;
 }  ;
void percentage()  {  ;
}  ;
}  ;

By default, Object class is the parent class of all the classes in java. The object class is also referred to as the topmost class of the java. It is useful when you want to refer nay object without knowing its type. In this parent class, reference variable can refer the child class object, this process is known as upcasting.

There some methods provided by a class object:

  • public final Class getClass()
  • public String toString()
  • int hashCode();
  • public final void wait()throws InterruptedException
  • protected void finalize()throws Throwable
  • public boolean equals(Object obj)-
  • void notify();
  • public final void notifyAll()
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