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Entering Numeric Data in SPSS

1. Data can be gone into the Data Editor, which might be valuable for little information records or for making minor alters to bigger information documents.

Snap the Variable View tab at the base of the Data Editor window.

You have to characterize the factors that will be utilized. For this situation, just three factors are required: age, conjugal status, and salary.

Figure 1. Variable names in Variable View

Entering Numeric Data

Variable View with three factors characterized: age, conjugal, and pay.

2. In the principal line of the main section, type age.

3. In the subsequent column, type conjugal.

4. In the third line, type pay.

5. New factors are naturally given a Numeric information type.

6. On the off chance that you don't enter variable names, one of a kind names are naturally made. Be that as it may, these names are not distinct and are not suggested for enormous information records.

7. Snap the Data View tab to keep entering the information.

8. The names that you entered in Variable View are presently the headings for the initial three segments in Data View.

9. Start entering information in the main line, beginning at the principal section.

Figure 2. Qualities entered in Data View

Entering Numeric Data

10. In the age segment, type 53.

11. In the conjugal segment, type 0.

12. In the pay segment, type 153000.

13. At present, the age and conjugal segments show decimal focuses, despite the fact that their qualities are proposed to be whole numbers. To conceal the decimal focuses in these factors:

14. Snap the Variable View tab at the base of the Data Editor window.

15. In the Decimals section of the age push, type 0 to conceal the decimal.

16. In the Decimals segment of the conjugal line, type 0 to conceal the decimal.

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