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Using the Viewer in SPSS - UrgentHomework

Figure 1. Viewer

SPSS - Using the Viewer

The Viewer window is partitioned into two sheets. The framework sheet contains a blueprint of the majority of the data put away in the Viewer. The substance panecontains measurable tables, outlines, and content yield.

Utilize the parchment bars to explore through the window's substance, both vertically and evenly. For simpler route, click a thing in the blueprint sheet to show it in the substance sheet.

1. Click and drag the correct outskirt of the framework sheet to change its width.

An open book symbol in the diagram sheet shows that it is right now noticeable in the Viewer, in spite of the fact that it may not presently be in the unmistakable bit of the substance sheet.

2. To conceal a table or graph, double tap its book symbol in the framework sheet.

The open book symbol changes to a shut book symbol, implying that the data related with it is presently covered up.

3. To redisplay the shrouded yield, double tap the shut book symbol.

You can likewise conceal the majority of the yield from a specific factual system or the majority of the yield in the Viewer.

4. Click the crate with the short sign (−) to one side of the method whose outcomes you need to stow away, or click the container alongside the highest thing in the diagram sheet to shroud the majority of the yield.

The diagram breakdown, outwardly showing that these outcomes are covered up.

You can likewise change the request wherein the yield is shown.

5. In the blueprint sheet, click the things that you need to move.

6. Drag the chose things to another area in the framework.

Figure 2. Reordered yield in the Viewer

You can likewise move yield things by clicking and hauling them in the substance sheet.

SPSS - Using the Viewer
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