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Conditional Expressions in SPSS - UrgentHomework

You can utilize restrictive articulations (additionally called legitimate articulations) to apply changes to chosen subsets of cases. A contingent articulation restores an estimation of genuine, false, or missing for each case. On the off chance that the consequence of a restrictive articulation is valid, the change is connected to that case. In the event that the outcome is false or missing, the change isn't connected to the case.

To determine a contingent articulation:

Snap If in the Compute Variable exchange box. This opens the If Cases exchange box.

Select Include if case fulfills condition.

Enter the restrictive articulation.

Most restrictive articulations contain at any rate one social administrator, as in:


or on the other hand


In the principal model, just cases with an estimation of 21 or more noteworthy for Age [age] are chosen. In the subsequent model, Household salary in thousands [income] increased by 3 must be under 100 for a case to be chosen.

You can likewise interface at least two contingent articulations utilizing legitimate administrators, as in:

age>=21 | ed>=4

or on the other hand

income*3<100 and ed=5

In the primary model, cases that meet either the Age [age] condition or the Level of instruction [ed] condition are chosen. In the subsequent model, both the Household salary in thousands [income] and Level of training [ed] conditions must be met for a case to be chosen.

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