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1. From the menus pick:

Record > Open > Data...

A discourse box for opening records is shown.

As a matter of course, IBM® SPSS® Statistics information documents (.sav expansion) are shown.

This model uses the document demo.sav. In the event that you need to open the information document utilized in this model, see Sample Files for more data on information record areas.

Figure 1. demo.sav record in Data Editor

Open SPSS data

The information record is shown in the Data Editor. In Data View, in the event that you put the mouse cursor on a variable name (the segment headings), a progressively elucidating variable mark is shown (if a name has been characterized for that variable).

Of course, the real information esteems are shown. To show marks:


To display labels:From the menus choose:

From the menus pick:

View > Value Labels

Figure 2. Worth Labels catch

Open SPSS data

On the other hand, you can utilize the Value Labels catch on the toolbar.

Figure 3. Worth marks showed in the Data Editor

Open SPSS data

Graphic worth names are presently shown to make it simpler to decipher the reactions.

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