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Figure 1. Viewer

SPSS - Pivoting Tables

The default tables created may not show data as perfectly or as obviously as you might want. With rotate tables, you can transpose lines and segments ({"flip"} the table), alter the request of information in a table, and change the table from numerous points of view. For instance, you can change a short, wide table into a long, slim one by transposing lines and segments. Changing the format of the table does not influence the outcomes. Rather, it's an approach to show your data in an alternate or increasingly alluring way.

On the off chance that it's not officially actuated, double tap the Owns PDA * Gender * Internet Crosstabulation table to initiate it.

On the off chance that the Pivoting Trays window isn't noticeable, from the menus pick:

Turn > Pivoting Trays

Turning plate give an approach to move information between sections, columns, and layers.

Figure 2. Pivoting trays

SPSS - Pivoting Tables

The Pivoting Trays for the crosstabulation table.

Drag the Statistics component from the Row measurement to the Column measurement, beneath Gender. The table is promptly reconfigured to mirror your changes.

The request of the components in the turning plate mirrors the request of the components in the table.

Simplified the Owns PDA component before the Internet component in the line measurement to invert the request of these two columns. Figure 3. Swap lines

SPSS - Pivoting Tables

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