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Pasting Syntax in SPSS - UrgentHomework

The least demanding approach to make language structure is to utilize the Paste catch situated on most exchange boxes.

1. Open the information document demo.sav. See the point Sample Files for more data.

2. From the menus pick:

Break down > Descriptive Statistics > Frequencies...

3. Select Marital status [marital] and move it into the Variable(s) list.

4. Click Charts.

5. In the Charts exchange box, select Bar graphs.

6. In the Chart Values gathering, select Percentages.

7. Click Continue.Click Paste to duplicate the language structure made because of the discourse box determinations to the Syntax Editor.Figure 1. Frequencies exchange box

Figure 2. Frequencies linguistic structure

Run > Selection

SPSS Pasting Syntax

Figure 2. Frequencies syntax

8. To run the linguistic structure at present showed, from the menus pick:

SPSS Pasting Syntax

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