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In the linguistic structure window, you can alter the sentence structure. For instance, you could change the subcommand/BARCHART to show frequencies rather than rates. (A subcommand is shown by a slice.) If you know the watchword for showing frequencies you can enter it legitimately. In the event that you don't have the foggiest idea about the watchword, you can get a rundown of the accessible catchphrases for the subcommand by situating the cursor anyplace following the subcommand name and squeezing Ctrl+Spacebar. This shows the auto-consummation control for the subcommand.

Erase the catchphrase PERCENT from the BARCHART subcommand.

Press Ctrl-Spacebar.

1. click the thing named FREQ for frequencies. Tapping on a thing in the auto-finishing control will embed it at the present cursor position.

As a matter of course, the auto-finishing control will provoke you with a rundown of accessible terms as you type. For instance, you'd like to incorporate a pie graph alongside the bar outline. The pie graph is indicated with a different subcommand.

2. Press Enter after the FREQ catchphrase and type a forward cut to demonstrate the beginning of a subcommand.

The Syntax Editor prompts you with the rundown of subcommands for the present direction.

Figure 1. Auto-consummation control showing subcommands

Open SPSS data

To acquire increasingly nitty gritty assistance for the present direction, press the F1 key. This takes you straightforwardly to the direction language structure reference data for the present order.

You may have seen that content shown in the language structure window is hued. Shading coding enables you to rapidly distinguish unrecognized terms, since just perceived terms are hued. For instance, you incorrectly spell the FORMAT subcommand as FRMAT. Subcommands are shaded green as a matter of course, however the content FRMAT will seem uncolored since it isn't perceived.

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