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BSBPMG505A Manage Project Risk Answers

Assessment Task 2: Monitor and control Project Risks Assessor Version: Report, Project, Portfolio

Program/Course details

{`Qualification code: CPC50210
Qualification title: Building And Construction
Unit code:  BSBPMG508A BSB 50104
Unit title: Manage Project Risk

Task instructions:

You have been employed by a building organisation –MEGC Consultants to contribute to a Risk Management Plan for a new Project.

Project: Using the project you have selected from Estimate One provide a report detailing the following criteria:

Using your findings from the first stage of the project [Assessment 1] use your skills and knowledge determine the HOW you would monitor and control the risks for this project.

  1. Health & safety risk (2 Risks in this category)
  2. Environmental risk (2 Risks in this category)
  3. Select a risk category of your choice (2 Risks in this category)
  4. Determine risk management techniques to be used in each case.
  5. Discuss qualitative and quantitative risk analysis, such as schedule simulation, decision analysis, contingency planning and alternative strategy development.
  6. Discuss limitations of qualitative and quantitative risk analysis.


  1. This Assessment Task is to be presented in a professional report format as set out in the report BSBPMG505A Manage Project Risk Answers provided, uploaded onto Brightspace.
  2. Cut & paste the CRS170/CRS174/176 whichever is applicable after the Title Page, THIS IS MANDATORY.
  3. In a Word doc format (not in Pages Format) of the Assessment Task, dated with the unit code and title and Assessment Task number.
  4. Pdf format of the report is also to be uploaded.
  5. Definitely NO Zip files or WPS files.
  6. File labelling convention yymmdd unit code Student name assessment task No.
  7. Every task must be completed satisfactorily for competence to be achieved. *Competence must be achieved before grades are allocated.
  8. Submitted work MUST achieve an acceptable Turn It in Score
  9. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure submitted work returns an acceptable Turn It In score in line with Holmesglen’s plagiarism policy.
  10. Work MUST be submitted by the due date.
  11. No work will be accepted after the end date of the course.

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