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CPCCBC5011A Develop and Implement an Environmental Management Plan

Assessment Task: 2

Assessment Title: Develop and Implement an Environmental Management Plan

{`Qualification code: CPC50210
Qualification title: Building And Construction
Unit code: CPCCBC5011A   CPC 50097
Unit title: Manage Environmental Management Practices And Processes In Building
And Construction

Task instructions:

You are to identify an old brewery in Collingwood. The Yorkshire brewery (14-21 Robert street Collingwood).

Your task is to demolish and clean the site in preparation for the development of a high rise apartment block, while retaining the heritage buildings on the site. The site has various heritage buildings on the site which need to be decontaminated, cleaned of all graffiti and retained.

Your company has been awarded the task of providing a report on the management of the environmental practices that should be put in place.

Your report should include but not be restricted to the following:

Part 1. 1.

  1. The company policy regarding the environment.
  2. Identification of relevant stakeholders and discuss how they are involved in the project. .
  3. Identify possible environmental issues and suggest possible procedures and processes to manage them.
  4. Meeting statutory requirement such as the planning schemes.

Part 2.

With the information gathered, develop an environmental management plan, based upon the ISO14000 series or Environmental Guidelines for Major Construction Sites by EPA Victoria Publications


Student to complete and attach Assessment Title page to the completed Assessment Task.

  1. This Assessment Task is to be presented in a professional report format as set out in the report CPCCBC5011A Develop and Implement an Environmental Management Plan provided, uploaded onto Brightspace.
  2. Cut & paste the CRS170/CRS174/176 whichever is applicable after the Title Page, THIS IS MANDATORY.
  3. In a Word doc format (not in Pages Format) of the Assessment Task, dated with the unit code and title and Assessment Task number.
  4. Pdf format of the report is also to be uploaded.
  5. Definitely NO Zip files or WPS files.
  6. File labelling convention yymmdd unit code Student name assessment task No.
  7. Every task must be completed satisfactorily for competence to be achieved. *Competence must be achieved before grades are allocated.
  8. Submitted work MUST achieve an acceptable Turn It in Score
  9. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure submitted work returns an acceptable Turn It In score in line with Holmesglen’s plagiarism policy.
  10. Work MUST be submitted by the due date.
  11. No work will be accepted after the end date of the course.

Criteria for Assessment

  1. Company policy
  2. Stakeholders
  3. Possible environmental issues
  4. Statutory Requirement
  5. Pre-construction planning and design
  6. Environmental assessment
  7. Risk
  8. Environment management plan
  9. Land disturbance
  10. Erosion
  11. Management of contaminated storm water
  12. Designing erosion and sediment control devices
  13. De-watering work sites
  14. Dust control
  15. Management of stock piles and batters
  16. Noise and vibration
  17. Operating hours
  18. Vehicles and equipment
  19. Traffic
  20. Vibration
  21. Waste minimisation
  22. Contaminated material and wastes
  23. Solid inert wastes
  24. Putrescible wastes
  25. Low-level contaminated soil
  26. Prescribed wastes
  27. Emergency procedures
  28. Air quality
  29. Litter
  30. Storage of chemicals and fuel
  31. Road cleaning
  32. Protecting infrastructure
  33. Inspections, monitoring and audits
  34. Content and length indicates appropriate depth of research and learning:
  35. Clearly followed instructions set out in Section D – Conditions for assessment.

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