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ICTICT304 Implement system software changes LMS 2

Knowledge Assessment: Short answer questions

Unit code, name
ICTICT304 - Implement system software changes (1)
Qualification/Course code, name
ICT30118 - Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology (2)

Assessment instructions

Table 1 Assessment instructions

Assessment details


Assessment overview

The objective of this assessment is to assess your knowledge as would be required to implement the system software changes and to hand over the modified system to the client's operational area.

Assessment Event number

2 of 2

Instructions for this assessment

This is a written assessment and it will be assessing you on your knowledge of the unit.

This assessment is in one part:

1. Short answer questions

The assessment also contains:

· Assessment feedback.

Submission instructions

On completion of this assessment, you are required to upload it or hand it to your assessor for marking.

Ensure you have included your name on each page of the document you submit.

Submit the following documents for each part:

· Part 1: Short answer

o This assessment document.

It is important that you complete the assessment declaration when submitting the assessment.

It is important that you keep a copy of all electronic and hardcopy assessments submitted to TAFE and complete the assessment declaration when submitting the assessment.

Assessment conditions

Assessment conditions will replicate the workplace, including noise levels, production flow, interruptions and time variances.

What do I need to do to achieve a satisfactory result?

To achieve a satisfactory result for this assessment all questions must be answered at a satisfactory level.

What do I need to provide?

· A computer with internet access

Due date/time allowed

Indicative time to complete assessment:

· One hour

Assessment location

This assessment may be completed outside of the classroom.


Your assessor may ask for additional evidence to verify the authenticity of your submission and confirm that the assessment task was completed by you.

Reasonable adjustment

If you have a permanent or temporary condition that may prevent you from successfully completing the assessment event(s) in the way described, you should talk to your assessor about ‘reasonable adjustment’. This is the adjustment of the way you are assessed to take into account your condition, which must be approved BEFORE you attempt the assessment.

Assessment feedback, review or appeals

Appeals are addressed in accordance with Student’s guide to assessment.

Part 1: Short answers

Read the questions carefully. Each answer should be 50-150 words long.

  1. Describe two issues that may affect scheduling requirements for implementing software changes for a business.
  1. Describe one advantage and one disadvantage of using industry-accepted hardware and software products. List two of each type of product and explain how it would help you consult with clients.
  1. Research and summarise emerging standards for data and voice communications. How could they impact on consulting with a client?
  1. List three software services that the vendor may provide that would help you when making system changes.
  1. Identify the seven key procedures involved in change control.
  1. Describe what the term ‘client business domain’ means. How can the client’s business domain affect a software implementation project? Use an example to illustrate your answer.

Submit this document as part of your assessment.

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