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ICTNWK304 Administer network peripherals LMS 2

Project assessment: Maintain network peripherals

Unit code, name
ICTNWK304 - Administer network peripherals (1)
Qualification/Course code, name
ICT30118 - Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology (2)

Assessment instructions

Table 1 Assessment instructions

Assessment details


Assessment overview

The objective of this assessment is to assess your knowledge and performance to maintain and troubleshoot peripherals.

Assessment Event number

2 of 2

Instructions for this assessment

This is a project-based assessment and will be assessing you on your knowledge and performance of the unit.

This assessment is in three parts:

1. Establish peripheral maintenance schedule

2. Follow maintenance schedule

3. Troubleshoot peripherals.

The assessment is also supported by:

· Assessment checklist

· Observation checklist

· Assessment feedback.

Check the Assessment and Observation checklists to ensure that you’ve covered all the required tasks.

Submission instructions

When you have completed this assessment, submit it online for marking by your assessor.

Submit the following documents for each part:

· Part 1

o Equipment Maintenance Schedule

· Part 2

o This document

o IT Maintenance Log

· Part 3

o This document

o Video recordings of demonstration (Task 1). Follow the Video recording instructions (.pdf) to record and submit your video

o Successful completion of simulations

It is important that you keep a copy of all electronic and hardcopy assessments submitted to TAFE and complete the assessment declaration when submitting the assessment.

What do I need to do to achieve a satisfactory result?

To achieve a satisfactory result for this assessment all questions must be answered correctly and all items in the Assessment and Observations Checklists must be marked Satisfactory.

Assessment conditions

Assessment conditions will replicate the workplace, including noise levels, production flow, interruptions and time variances. Make sure there is background noise, such as music for example, and interruptions while you are completing this assessment.

What do I need to provide?

· Computer, internet and login details.

· A video recording device, such as a smartphone.

· USB drive or other storage method with enough free space to save work to.

· A virtual machine – use the same one from Assessment 1.

· A printer where the student can replace paper and toner/ink.

What will the assessor provide?

· Access to the Learning Management System

· Access to simulation software with peripherals and tools.

· Scenario documents as outlined in assessment:

o Red Opal Innovations (ROI_Scenario.pdf)

o ROI Equipment Maintenance Schedule (ROI_Equip_maint_schedule.docx)

o IT Maintenance Log (ROI_IT_Maint_log.docx).

Due date and time allowed

Indicative time to complete assessment:

· Three hours.


Your assessor may ask for additional evidence to verify the authenticity of your submission and confirm that the assessment task was completed by you.

Reasonable adjustment

If you have a permanent or temporary condition that may prevent you from successfully completing the assessment event(s) in the way described, you should talk to your assessor about ‘reasonable adjustment’. This is the adjustment of the way you are assessed to take into account your condition, which must be approved BEFORE you attempt the assessment.

Assessment feedback, review or appeals

In accordance with the TAFE NSW policy Manage Assessment Appeals, all students have the right to appeal an assessment decision in relation to how the assessment was conducted and the outcome of the assessment. Appeals must be lodged within 14 working days of the formal notification of the result of the assessment.

If you would like to request a review of your results or if you have any concerns about your results, contact your Teacher or Head Teacher. If they are unavailable, contact the Student Administration Officer.

Contact your Head Teacher for the assessment appeals procedures at your college/campus.

Specific task instructions

You currently work for Red Opal Innovations (ROI_Scenario.pdf) in the IT section. Part of your role is to maintain peripherals in the organisation.

Part 1: Establish peripheral maintenance schedule

Refer to the Assessment Checklist for the criteria for this part.

  1. Now that you’ve installed a networked printer (in Assessment 1), the next step is to create a maintenance schedule for it. Complete the ROI Equipment Maintenance Schedule (ROI_Equip_maint_schedule.docx), listing at least three maintenance activities, including:
    1. those recommended by the manufacturer
    2. for monitoring the usage
    3. for replacing consumables, for example ink, toner.

Record the following for each maintenance activity, using specific and relevant language:

  1. Maintenance activity
    • name of the activity.
  2. Recommended frequency
    • for example, as required, daily, monthly, quarterly and annually.
  3. Procedure
    • list brief points and refer to page no. of manual where relevant.
  4. Estimated time
    • Approximately how long will it take to complete this task?
  5. Notes
    • Explain why this procedure is important.
    • List details of cleaning products, software, tools, WHS warnings, etc. if relevant.

Part 2: Follow maintenance schedule

Refer to the Assessment Checklist for the criteria for this part.

Continue this activity in the virtual machine that you used for Assessment 1.

You are required to record your completion of the tasks using screenshots and submit them as evidence for this assessment.

When taking screenshots:

  • Use the Snipping Tool (Windows) or print screen to record your actions.
  • To show you are using your machine, use Sticky Notes (Windows) or an equivalent tool to record your name and ensure you capture the sticky note in the screen shot.

Your assessor will complete Observation checklist 1. Check the observation checklist to ensure that you’ve covered all the required tasks.


  1. Following your maintenance schedule for monitoring the printer usage, check the printer usage and traffic.

Note: To show this is your machine, use Sticky Notes (Windows) or an equivalent tool to record your name and ensure you capture the sticky note in the screen shot.

Place a screenshot of this activity into the box below.

  1. Complete the IT Maintenance Log (ROI_IT_Maint_log.docx), including the following:
    1. Date that you completed the task
    2. The procedure that you performed e.g. reviewed printer usage
    3. The detailed steps that you took to perform the maintenance – this may include cleaning equipment used, tools used etc.
    4. Time taken to perform the task
    5. Your name
    6. Any relevant comments such as recommendations for additional peripherals
    7. Who you would report recommendations to.

Part 3: Troubleshoot peripherals

Refer to the Observation and Assessment Checklists for the criteria for this part.

You will need to fix the following peripheral mishaps and malfunctions.


  1. Demonstrate the following Record your demonstration and submit the video file as evidence for this part of the assessment.

Replace the following consumables for a printer:

  1. Paper
  2. Toner or ink.
  1. Complete the following labs in simulation software (TestOut LabSim) to demonstrate fixing peripheral mishaps and malfunctions, replacing components and rectifying problems:
    1. There have been malfunctions with a network adapter and a scanner. Rectify the problem by updating their device drivers:
      • 5.8 Manage Devices.
    2. There has been a mishap with some peripheral devices, causing faulty cables. Reconnect them using the correct cables:
      • 2.3 Install USB Devices.
    3. There has been a mishap with a network printer, which has become disconnected from the Rectify the problem by sharing the printer:
      • 3.5 Configure Network Printing.
    4. Replace a network adapter component:
      • 2.6 Select and Install a Network Adapter.
    5. A computer that hosts a networked printer has failed. Troubleshoot the computer to rectify the problem, replacing components as required:
      • 10.5 Fix a Network Connection 2.
    6. Complete this task using your own machine. Take screenshots following the instructions in Part 2 of this assessment.

It has been reported that a network printer cannot be accessed over the network.

  1. Use the appropriate network utilities to determine whether the printer is connected and configured correctly (Note: you will need to find and use the IP address of any peripheral device on your network). Place screenshots of this activity into the box below.
  1. Discuss the results of the troubleshooting, including possible causes of the reported failure.
  1. Outline three common features of peripheral devices that can assist with their troubleshooting, including physical and operational features.

Minimum 30 words

Assessment checklist

The following checklist will be used by your assessor to mark your performance against the assessment criteria of your activities. Use this checklist to understand what skills and/or knowledge you need to demonstrate in your assessment. All the criteria described in the Assessment checklist must be met. The assessor may ask questions while the activity is taking place or if appropriate directly after the activity has been completed.

Table 2: Assessment Checklist





Assessor Comments

Part 1

Establishes a peripheral maintenance schedule as recommended by manufacturer, using specific and relevant language

Date of Observation:

Assessors are to record their observations in sufficient detail to demonstrate their judgement of the student’s performance against the criteria.

Part 2.1, 2.2

Follows the maintenance schedule by monitoring usage and traffic and recommends additional peripherals if needed

Part 3.4

Outlines troubleshooting features of peripheral devices

Observation checklist

The Observation checklist will be used by your assessor to mark your performance in Part 3 of this assessment. Use this checklist to understand what skills you need to demonstrate. The checklist lists the assessment criteria used to determine whether you have successfully completed this assessment event. All the criteria must be met. Your demonstration will be used as part of the overall evidence requirements of the unit. The assessor may ask questions while the demonstration is taking place or if appropriate directly after the task/activity has been completed.

Table 3 Observation Checklist

Task #

Task/Activity Performed



Assessor Comments
(Describe the student’s ability in demonstrating the required skills and knowledge)


Replaces peripheral consumables

Date of Observation:

Assessors are to record their observations in sufficient detail to demonstrate their judgement of the student’s performance against the criteria required.


Completes simulations:

· Fixes peripheral mishaps and malfunctions

· Replaces components

· Determines failure


Determines peripheral failure

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