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Contemporary Aspects of Human Resource Management in Malaysia

Student are required to do a research on practices/trends of the ONE HRM function as below.

  • Human resource planning (HRP)
  • Recruitment and Section
  • Work flow and job analysis
  • Compensation and benefit
  • Training and development
  • Performance management and appraisal
  • Occupational safety and health
  • Industrial relation

Based on the selected HRM functions on item 1 above, critically analyse the following areas:

  1. How have shifting workforce demographics impacted the HRM function ?
  2. To what degree has the local legislation influenced the HRM function ?
  3. How has data analytics applications to influence HRM decision ?

Discuss the implications of the selected (as highlighted in part 1 above) to ONE of the following contemporary aspect/issue in organization.

  • job satisfaction
  • employee commitment
  • job performance
  • employability
  • career development
  • job motivation
  • organization justice
  • employee well being
  • workplace violence/deviance

To provide THREE recommendations that you could include in HRM practices to anticipate the issues encountered by the business organization nowadays (as explained in item 2 above)

Provide literatures support to enhance your discussion. Students are required to include a minimum of TEN literatures, which are to be academic research or peer reviewed articles from HELP library subscribed databsed (e.g. Emerald Management/ Saga/ Science direct/ Ebscohost and etc.). The articles are published since December 2000.

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