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HRM Employee performance

Continuous grooming and guidance to employees would result in better performance. This not only helps an organization in achieving their target and objectives, but it also results in overcoming challenges and a feeling of the loyalty of employees towards their company.

Employee performance reviews:

Annual Performance Review is one of the most commonly used technique to evaluate the performance of the employee.

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An employee performance review is a process of taking reviews about employee work and performance.

At first, the employees answer some queries about his competencies and abilities in a written form and after that, his supervisor also answers those queries.

Key points to keep in mind at the time of performance review:

Topics of assessment must address what the employee is expected to finish.

Performance standards expected should be communicated.

It ought to be checked if the employee was given the devices important to finish his assigned task.

An appraisal ought to be made with respect to what the worker has not finished but was expected and the reason behind this.

The salary increments, promotions totally depend upon the results of the performance review. There should be continuous motivation from superior to their employees for the task performed.


Coaching is one of the most effective ways to improve the performance of an employee. Coaching is a process that helps both the superior and subordinate to develop a performance plan which focuses on the desired performance expectation and areas.

Coaching helps in the development of average employees in identifying their capabilities and understanding the reason behind no accomplishments, developing a plan to reach their capabilities and make them achieve their targets.

Working on Low Morale:

Managers need to help unsatisfied and employees who are suffering from low morale. They may help them in being more disciplined and confident about their work and perform their job without any hesitation and fear. Managers should also reward employees and organize interactive sessions et to boost their morale.

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