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The extent of HRM is wide and far-reaching. It includes all the functions which come under human resource management. We may classify the same under the following headings:

  • Human Resources Planning:

Human resource planning is the systematic planning of identifying the current and future need of the quality employees and then take action accordingly.

  • Job Analysis:

Job analysis is a process of collecting and evaluating information to identify the job roles and responsibilities required to be performed under a job position.

  • Recruitment and Selection:

The recruitment and selection process is one of the most important parts of HRM. Recruiting starts from the initial step of sourcing the potential applicant through various job portals.

Selection is the step followed after recruitment. It includes evaluating applications of applicants, interviews are scheduled with the potential applicants and then the best-suited employee is selected.

  • Orientation and Induction:

After the selection of the employees, the induction or orientation program is conducted by the HR team in which the employee is made aware about the foundation of the organization, working culture (ethics, principles, values, policies) and their existing staff.

  • Training and Development:

After selection, to further enhance the skills of the employee organization provide on the job or off job training to the employees. The training is not only given to new employees but existing employees are trained too for better performance.

  • Performance Appraisal:

Under this, the performance of the employee is evaluated yearly in order to analyze their performance. The appraisals, promotions, and benefits to the employees are given on the basis of their performance only.

· Compensation Planning and Remuneration:

Compensation is the pay and benefits an employee receives in exchange for his skills and services. HR Department is responsible for the compensation and remuneration planning.

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