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HRM Organizational culture:

Human Resources do have a provoking task to carry out in organizational culture, as the employees work for the company, who grasp and improve a specific culture inside the company. Any ideal change to the culture of the organization must be done through the employees and by the employees.

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HR practices like sourcing, selecting, training has a direct effect on the working and balance of a company. These practices have an impact on the behavior of employee develop ethics that help to build the culture of an organization.

Behavior change shows how someone reacts in any circumstance. Cultural values and ethics direct the behavior of the employee. If a manager wants a positive result they should adopt such exercises which can undoubtedly change the behavior, develop rational thinking about the steps taken by the organization.


The management styles an organization follows may change with time or remain constant with time.

Some management styles are:

Autocratic Style: Autocratic managers take decisions without discussing with their employees. This style does not have a positive impact on their subordinates as they do not feel valued to the organization. But this style is effective in there in less time available to make a decision.

Meritocratic Style: In this style, employees are more concerned about the results. The management focuses on performance. And they believe that the authority to the employees should be distributed on the merit basis.

Consultative style: This style Includes discussion and communication. The employees are consulted before taking any decision but the final decision is taken by the manager only.

Collegial Style: in this style resources and benefits are equally distributed to the employees of the organization. Management has less authority over the employees which results in the employee empowerment. The employee feels more valued and committed which results in increased employee productivity and better organizational performance.

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