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HRM Dispute resolution:

Dispute resolution is the process of resolving any issue or conflict between the two parties in the organization. The dispute resolution process is mainly divided into two categories:

  • Adjudicative processes: in this process a judge or a jury takes a final decision on the basis of proofs given.
  • Consensual processes: in these parties try to come to a solution through mutual understanding. Negotiation, collaborative law, meditation are some examples of the consensual process.

Dispute Resolution Procedures

The employee should try to solve the complaints by approaching their administrator within 10 working days from the day when the issue arose.

A meeting should be organized by the administrator, manager or Head of the Department with the accuser and all the parties involved should try their best to solve to issue. The HR manager is always there to help his employees in resolving the conflict

Parties may also seek suggestion from the HR manager, in case the disputes are not resolved from the above-mentioned steps.

HRM Dispute resolution homework help

Mediation is the most commonly used technique for resolving conflicts. It is a process in which the parties involved in the conflict meet one or more experienced meditators. In a confidential setting, the mediator gives a chance to the parties to explain their dispute with their thoughts, opinion, and demands.

The aim of this process is to develop communication and solving the conflict in a manner which is acceptable by all. If the parties do not reach any solution through mediation, the HR Manager will advise some other ways, if possible.

Prohibition of retaliation: Any person who makes an attempt to harm the complainant or person involved in conflict resolution will be terminated from the employment and other necessary actions retaken.

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