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An organization consists of different employees, that comes from different region, religion, gender, race, this is what we consider as workplace diversity. And under such condition the natural question arises is
It is important to manage these diversities as it directly has an impact on the performance of the team and affects the goals of the organization. Mismanagement of diversity can also result in lawsuits and legal tangles from the employees who felt suffered or harassed on the basis of any diversity.


Issues in Managing Diversity:

The major issue that arises in managing diversity is the majority and the minority mindset. While managing human resource the most difficult task is to deal with the mindset of the people and especially the beliefs with which they have grown up. There’s always a dominant majority of a specific race and different others in the minority party.

  • Another major issue is discrimination on the basis of gender. In this male dominating society women often face this problem and is a challenge to manage diversity in the organization. Studies have proven that people prefer to hire men over Women and men are also have high pay-scale as compared to women
  • An employee with a physical disability has a hard time adjusting in the organization as organizations do not have proper accommodation arrangement for physical disable employees.
  • The generation gap is also leading to difficulties in managing the workforce in an organization as the generation gap creates social groups and some workers may feel isolated.

Workers from different generations may not agree with the working procedure.


Diversity in culture, beliefs, values, Ethics, language is also a challenge for workforce diversity.

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