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Study abroad at Abertay University

A short introduction:

Abertay University is actually the operating name for the University of Abertay Dundee. It is one of the only two public universities in Dundee, Scotland. The university was established in the year 1888 as the Dundee Institute of Technology. It was granted the university status in the year 1994 and has been imparting high-quality education to the students ever since the establishment. Also, it was one of the very first universities in Scotland to be designated as a central institution.

The institute is quite popular among the international student community. It is quite popular for having launched the world’s first computer games degree in the year 1997. In the year 2006, it also became the first school to offer a degree in Ethical Hacking.

Abertay University Assignment Help

The university is one of the most prestigious in Scotland and is widely regarded for the quality of education that it imparts to the students. The prestige and the popularity of the institute can be estimated by the fact that in the Research Excellence Framework published in the year 2014, it was ranked as the best modern university in Scotland known for its research intensity. A year later, the university also managed to grab the twelfth place in the entire world to study video game design.

Courses offered:

Abertay University has almost all the courses one can think of. It has a huge variety of undergraduate courses as well as Postgraduate courses. 

The university offers an undergraduate course from all the streams like Accounting and Finance, Business Management, Engineering, Forensic and Analytical Science, Law, Nursing, Psychology, Sociology, Sports, Strength and many more. In simple words, there are courses available from all the streams that the students can think of. The university also offers courses like B.Sc. (Hons.) Computer Game Applications Development and B.Sc. (Hons) Computer Games Technology, which are the best video games courses in the whole of Scotland. In fact, Abertay University was the first institute to start offering some of the courses of this type.

Moreover, the university offers even more postgraduate courses. There are 96 Postgraduate taught courses for the students to choose from. These courses span from all the streams as the undergraduate ones and even more.  For the students who wish to pursue their careers in research, there are options available too.  Abertay offers Ph.D., MPhil and Masters by Research opportunities which are supported by expert supervision for the students to gain the best possible experience.

Besides all these conventional courses and the computer games courses, the university also offers English Language courses for international students to learn the local language. It also offers CPD and short courses for the students to choose from.

All the courses offered at this university follow a great curriculum and these courses are planned to keep in mind the overall goal of the degree or the courses. The curriculum is aimed at making the students get the best experiences and knowledge which helps them when they graduate. In fact, this is one the reasons for the university to have produced great graduates over the years.

Reasons for international students to go to this university:

As tempting as the prospect of studying abroad might seem to you, it is always more challenging than you might consider it. If it is the first time you leave your native country for a long stay, then it is going to be even more challenging.

Abertay University understands all that a student has to go through when he leaves his home country and travel to a different nation altogether for the next few years. Therefore, the institute makes sure that it does everything to comfort the students who arrive at its gates.

For many years, Abertay University has been home to hundreds of students from all over the world. Every year, hundreds more apply to this elite institution hoping that they would get to pursue the degree of their choice in this university. The university has gained a prominent reputation among the pool of international students. For anyone who wants to study in Scotland, Abertay University is surely at the top of the list. As of now, the university is home to students from as many as 60 countries.  

Wondering what makes this university such a popular choice among the students?

Well, here are some of the reasons:

  1. International English Foundation Programme

When shifting abroad, there are innumerable challenges that a person has to face. But if the native language of the student is different from the language that he is moving to, the challenges increase highly. Communication becomes highly difficult. Because of being unable to speak the common tongue, the student will obviously find himself helpless to make anyone understand what he means to say. Moreover, if the students are required to have the knowledge of the common tongue of the country to get entry onto a degree program, then the problem is even more serious.

Keeping in mind all the challenges and problems that the students have to face because of the difference in language, Abertay University runs a program called the International English Foundation Programme. The program is designed to provide all the international students the competence that they require to gain entry onto a degree program at the institute. The program helps all the international students in developing the skills that they need to succeed in academics and also practice them. It helps the students in improving their command over the English language and also meeting the other international students. Learning all of this with other students is also beneficial for the students as it gives them the opportunity to understand what university life is like. The students also get to study alongside the local students.

The team that runs this program is accredited by the British Council for the teaching of English. This body makes sure that the courses it provides are tailor-made for the prospective Abertay students and the programs they plan on joining.

  1. Great scholarships

If you are a student coming from some Asian country or any other country, where the currency is weaker than the one in Scotland, then it is only natural for you to worry about all the expenses you will have to bear during your time in the foreign country. Keeping this in mind, the university runs various scholarship programs for international students. If you are one of those lazy minds who might even forget to apply to these programs, then also you have nothing to worry about. At Abertay University, you do not need to apply to the scholarship programs. Each program has an eligibility criterion; and if you meet the minimum eligibility requirements, you will be notified by the university itself. These programs are run by the university to try and make sure that the students do not miss out on their opportunity to study in this college because of lack of funds.

There is no declared number of scholarships but the university does give out a fair number of them. These scholarship programs are one major reason for the university to be so popular among international students. So, if you apply to Abertay University, make sure that you check the eligibility criterion for these programs and wait for the notification.

  1. It is the top modern university in Scotland

It is no secret that no student in his right mind would want to leave his hometown, bid goodbye to everyone that he knows and travel to a distant land for some average level of education. Therefore, the fact that Abertay University receives such a high number of applications from students from all over the world indicates that the institute offers a high quality of education. According to the Guardian University Guide 2019, Abertay University is the top modern university in Scotland. This ranking is based on some very important factors like course satisfaction and the quality of careers the graduate of this university lead. The quality of education is one of the main reasons for which the students come to this elite institute from all over the world.

  1. Some really important arrangements for international students

To make the arrival and the stay for international students as comforting as possible, Abertay University has made some important arrangements. The university has a dedicated professional adviser who helps all the international students with living in the United Kingdom and also studying in the university.

To solve the problems with visas, the students are offered specialist immigration advice and help with Tier 4 student visa extensions, the visas for the dependants of the students, post-study work options for the students, visas for visitors and also entry clearance information. 

Moreover, the university also provides to the student's pastoral care and welfare, assistance in matters of finance and also advice in these matters.

Also, the university gives priority to all the students from outside the city, and thus the country in matters of accommodation. Contrary to what you might expect, the international students are not clustered together. Students of all nationalities are mixed across all the residences and thus, it helps the international students in making friends and it makes their lives easy.

Prospects for international students:

Well, one of the most important things that one takes into consideration before applying to an institute is the placement prospects. And if you are leaving your country and leaving for a new one altogether to study, you obviously want to know all about the placement prospects of the institute that you wish to get admission into.

Abertay University has great placement prospects for all the students. In fact, the placement prospects that the students of this university enjoy are the best in entire Scotland. So, if you get admission to this elite institute, you are obviously lucky. The university is proud of its students and graduates. The institute believes that it is the best place to study if one is looking for a course that helps him stand out as an exceptional candidate in a job market that is becoming more and more competitive by the day. Besides imparting high-quality education to the students, the university does a lot of other things to prepare them for what they have to face when they apply for jobs.

Some of these steps are:

  1. Placement preparation and briefing

The university organizes placement workshops for the students to help them prepare for placements. The students can attend a maximum of three workshops in semester one. Each of these workshops lasts for one hour but they are really helpful in preparing for placement.  In these workshops, the students get the chance to prepare their CV in the best possible way. They also get the opportunity to discuss all the possible placement options with placement tutor.

The students are also briefed about the responsibilities of all the parties involved in the placement process, the expectations of these parties, what kind of professional conduct is expected out of the students and much more. In simple words, the students are prepared for everything that they will need.

  1. The institute gets you work-ready for the competitive world out there

Abertay University does everything to prepare you for the modern world out there. Even if you have all the skills that your job needs you to have, you might not be able to survive out there; maybe because of the work environment. As already mentioned, the institute helps the students in getting their CV in shape while studying through a series of work placements. Also, while being on campus, the students get the opportunity of learning first hand from local as well as international companies, which is a very valuable experience for the students.

Moreover, all the facilities that are there on the campus are developed keeping in mind all the industry standards. This has been done by the institute to make sure that the students get a hang of the job they are going to be doing in the future. Being used to working in the industry-standard facilities helps the students a lot when they work in the market within the same type of facilities.

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