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Study abroad at Bangor University

A brief introduction and history:

Located in Bangor, Wales, the Bangor University is an institute that has a longstanding tradition of excellence in terms of academics. Founded in the year 1884 as the University College of North Wales (UCNW), the institute received its Royal Charter a year later in the year 1885. Later, the university came to be known as the University of Wales, Bangor and then finally, it was in the year 2007 that this institute became Bangor University, independent from the University of Wales. The college was founded as a result of a campaign that was started to bring better opportunities of higher education to Wales. Until the year 1893, the students of this university got the degrees from the University of London.

Bangor University Assignment Help

Bangor University is widely recognized for the quality of education that it imparts to the students. It is ranked at the 40th spot in terms of research activities in the United Kingdom. As a result, the university has been on the rise in terms of its appeal among the international students. It is widely regarded as an esteemed institute and thus, it receives a good number of applications every year from the pool of international students. The students who graduate from this university are valued by employers across a range of industries as they are trained to cope up with the competition and overcome the obstacles that they face in the real world.

Courses offered:

Bangor University offers a plethora of courses for the students to choose from. The university offers courses at the undergraduate level, postgraduate level, doctoral courses and even foundation and pre-master’s degrees as well. All the academic activities of this institute are grouped into three colleges and various schools listed below:

  1. College of Arts, Humanities, and Business
  • School of History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences
  • School of Law
  • School of Music and Media
  • Bangor Business School
  • School of Language, Literature, and Linguistics
  • School of Welsh and Celtic Studies
  • Centre for Research on Bilingualism
  1. College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
  • School of Ocean Sciences
  • School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
  • School of Natural Sciences
  • The BioComposites Centre
  1. College of Human Sciences
  • School of Medical Sciences
  • School of Education and Human Development
  • School of Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences
  • School of Psychology
  • School of Health Sciences

These colleges offer courses in disciplines and subjects like accounting, Banking, Finance, English Literature, French, Forestry, Geography, Medicine, Psychology, Philosophy, Management, Electronics Engineering, Media Studies, Sport Science, Theatre, Zoology, Politics, Music, and many more. You name the subject and you can find a course on that at Bangor University. In terms of courses, there is something for everyone. Overall, there are as many as 324 undergraduate programs and 125 postgraduate programs taught at the university. Most of the courses, programs, and disciplines taught at the university have managed to grab decent rankings in the past. This is one of the primary reasons for the university to be popular among the students all over the world.

The campus of the university occupies a major proportion of Bangor and the university has a part of School of Healthcare Sciences in Wrexham as well. The university is currently home to more than 11 thousand students, out of which more than eight and a half thousand as undergraduates and approximately three thousand are postgraduate students.

Reasons for international students to attend Bangor University:

One of the main reasons for which most of the international students leave their home countries is to get a better quality of education. No student would wish to leave behind every person and thing that is familiar to them and move to a different part of the world for years. At times, it is the quality of education and some other times, students living in countries like India and China have to move out because as compared to the number of students in the country, there are a few colleges that provide good education.

No matter what, deciding where one should attend college is quite a difficult job. It is perhaps the most important and the most difficult decision that a student has to take. To be fair, the college that a student goes to can decide the entire career path for him. The competitive world out there proves to be tough for students who go to third-tier colleges. Therefore, the decision is of prime importance.

However, one should understand that the international students, particularly, have a hard time while finalizing their college in their study destination abroad. Since they are from a different country altogether, the lack of knowledge about an institute is natural, and thus, they can end up taking wrong and bad decisions. In such cases, it is very important that international students get some guidance.

When it comes to Bangor University, it has almost all the elements that one looks for in a good college. To help you clear your doubts about Bangor University, here are a few reasons for which one would want to join the institute:

  1. A rich history and academic tradition

Founded in the year 1884, Bangor University is one of the oldest degree-granting institutions in the entire United Kingdom. Over the years, it has grown to be seen as one of the most prestigious institutions in the region. There are many success stories of the students of this university that have added to its reputation over the years. In the rich history of more than a hundred years, the institute has been consistently delivering outstanding quality of teaching, education, and learning to the students and helping them achieve their dreams in life.

As the university has been around for such a long time, it has developed a curriculum that helps the students gain an all-round development instead of just sitting in the classroom and mugging up books. The links and partnerships that the university has formed and developed in the last century and more also prove to be quite helpful for all the students who study here. The university has a rich history of working with businesses for the help of the students and to also make a social impact. With great faculty and world class facilities, Bangor University has all that any students looks for in his dream college.

  1. Diversity in the student population

A diverse student population is a must in a college for any international student to feel comfortable on campus. The fact is that none of us, as an international student, would wish to land up in a campus where we are the only ones away from home. Therefore, with approximately two thousand international students from as many as 80 countries all over the world, the Bangor University is a perfect fit for the international students. With such a diverse student population, you can be sure of the fact that you will feel at home right from your first day at Bangor University.

Moreover, a diverse student population living on campus helps in many other ways as well. One of the biggest fears that an international student has while joining a college is of not being able to adapt and accepted. In such cases, having so many peers who would share all the experiences and feelings with you really helps. It makes it easy to form friendships as well since you share experiences with so many other students. In this regard, Bangor University is an ideal choice for the international students.

  1. Student Support

This can be one of the main reasons for the international students to attend Bangor University. The university offers special support system to the students. In fact, it has been ranked among the top 10 universities in UK for Student Support by WhatUni in 2019 rankings. Moreover, there are special arrangements for the students who struggle with the English language. The university provides free English language support for all the international students all around the year. In addition to this, the institute understands that the issues related to visa, accommodation, etc. can be too troublesome for international students. Therefore, there is a dedicated team set up by the university to help the international students with all issues and concerns related to health, money matters, accommodation, visa, and even employment. Moreover, the university also conducts writing and skills workshops for students that are absolutely free. These workshops are meant to teach the students confidential writing, study skills. Provide numeracy/statistics support and help develop time management skills. In simple words, Bangor University helps the international students right from the time they set foot in the country to the time they graduate and even beyond.

Prospects for International students:

As already mentioned, the Bangor University produces top quality graduates every year. On top of this, the university ahs a reputation of providing the students with all the facilities and resources to the students no matter where they come from. One of the main reasons why Bangor University receives a high number of applications is that the students all around the world have begun to realize that the graduates and students of this university enjoy great prospects. Some of the reasons for these prospects are:

  1. Great rankings

Rankings are probably the first thing that the students check while doing some research about a college. It is how they form an impression of an institute in their minds. And in this regard, Bangor University really stands out. It has always been recipient to great rankings. In the year 2017, the university got Gold Rating for Teaching Excellence. It has already been said that the institute provides a great quality of education to the students. This rating is just a vindication of the same. The Times and Sunday Times League Table 2020 placed the university among the Top 15 UK universities for teaching quality. The National Student Survey 2019 also placed the university among the Top 10 University for Student Satisfaction. The Guardian University League Table 2020 placed the university among the top 10 UK universities in terms of course satisfaction. Moreover, the Times Higher Education World Rankings ranked Bangor University at the 160th spot in terms of international outlook. With such rankings in all areas ranging from teaching quality, course satisfaction, student satisfaction to international outlook, it is hardly a surprise that the institute is a popular choice among the international students.

  1. Cost of study

Cost of study can be a major obstacle for the students in their path to get access to a good quality of education. For the students coming from parts of the world like Asia, Africa, etc., this can be an even bigger barrier because of the difference in the strengths of the currencies of the countries. Many students around the world drop the idea of moving abroad for higher education because of the costs involved. However, at Bangor University, the students do not need to worry about cost of study as much. ‘Totally Money 2019’ ranked the university at the first position in the entire United Kingdom for the lowest cost of living for students. Also, one should know that at Bangor University, there are scholarships worth more than 1 million pounds available for the international students to help ease their financial burdens associated with education. Moreover, The Student Survey 2018 placed the Bangor University among the Top 20 universities in the United Kingdom for cheap shops and amenities. With all these elements and such low cost of study, the university is naturally a good choice for international students.

  1. Good employment prospects

If a university or institute cannot offer good placement prospects to its students, it is hardly of any use to the students. The quality of education is surely important but if it cannot result into good job opportunities, then one begins questioning the entire purpose and use of such education. Since the graduates of Bangor University are valued in the market, the students enjoy good employment prospects. According to WhatUni 2019, the university lies among the top 10 universities in the UK in terms of employment prospects. In addition to this, according to the DLHE survey 2016/17, as many as 93 percent of the graduates of Bangor University move ahead to employment or further studies withing the first six months of completing graduation. There are many courses that are run in partnerships with various industries. This also helps the students gain good employment after graduation.

With all these elements and especially the good employment prospects and opportunities that Bangor University has to offer to its students, it is bound to grow in terms of its appeal among the international students.

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