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Study Abroad at the University of Southampton

A Brief History and Introduction

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The University of Southampton, one of the leading research universities in the United Kingdom, is best known for its groundbreaking approach to education. The university established the Russell Group of research-intensive universities. Southampton University was established in 1862 as Hartley Institution. In 1952, it was granted university status.

Campuses are designed to be the most conducive to advanced learning. On-campus, you'll find cutting-edge laboratories, art studios, and libraries. The university's faculty consists of highly educated professionals from academia and industry. Additionally, Southampton collaborates with world-renowned universities and institutions on student exchange and study-abroad programs.

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Southampton University is committed to providing research-based education. It has developed collaborative research and advancement initiatives with other institutions, government agencies, and businesses. Additionally, companies contribute to the university's research and development efforts. Southampton University offers students professional learning services that are industry-specific. Students are taught to be adaptable and have an aptitude for emerging technology in order to develop into potential leaders. Additionally, the university has a placement cell that collaborates with industry to assist students with placement.

Southampton University provides comprehensive environments that foster students overall growth. Apart from world-class academic modules, the university has many options for physical and mental well-being. Campuses are equipped with athletic fields, swimming pools, gymnasiums, and cafeterias. Additionally, students have the ability to engage in community service projects. The goal of the university is to use creative minds to create a better future.

Courses offered at the University of Southampton

Southampton University provides undergraduate, postgraduate, and foundation year programs in a variety of disciplines. Apart from core subjects, Southampton provides several unique opportunities for research, including audiology, acoustical engineering, archaeology, criminology, optoelectronics, and gerontology.

The different departments of the university include

  1. Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  2. Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
  3. Faculty of Environmental and Life Sciences
  4. Faculty of Medicine
  5. Faculty of Social Sciences

Reasons for international students to study at the University of Southampton

  1. Student Support

The University of Southampton offers a diverse range of support programs. There is IT support, assistance for students with mental health problems, developmental disorders, and disabilities, a nursery for students with children, and an overnight call service provided by the Students Union that provides social support and a listening ear.

Additionally, the Student Services Center assists you with questions and concerns about tuition costs, housing, student permits, and financial aid. Additionally, Students Union advisors are available to provide advice on a variety of topics. International students receive specialized academic assistance.

  1. Accommodation

Any first-year student who chooses Southampton as their firm or insurance provider is guaranteed a spot in residence halls (other terms and conditions apply). When you have received your formal offer of study, you can apply for housing on the University's website.

There are over 6,400 rooms available to accommodate guests with all budgets and desires. Choose between self-catered halls with well-equipped shared kitchens and part-catered housing, which includes morning and dinner meals (or a meal on campus throughout the day) during the week, as well as extra meals on weekends.

The University has a variety of open rooms to accommodate students with disabilities and special care needs. Contact Enabling Services prior to submitting your application if you believe you need adaptations. Enabling Services collaborates with the University to ensure that you receive an appropriate space. There are bedrooms with or without en-suite bathrooms, as well as studio apartments with full kitchens.

Additionally, studio apartments, as well as flats and houses for couples and families, are affordable. Prices begin at £113 per week for self-catered rooms and increase to £146 per week for part-catered rooms. On-site amenities include common quarters, laundries, research and recreational areas, computing labs, and barbecue areas. Student Life and Residences staff are available 24 hours a day to assist and advise, and both locations are secured and monitored by CCTV.

  1. Facilities

Southampton has an abundance of specialized services. A wind tunnel complex for aerodynamics project work, a nanofabrication center, and health science skills laboratories are only a few examples. Numerous Southampton laboratories are used in industry and contribute significantly to some of the most cutting-edge science. Additionally, the institution organizes monthly fitness programs, athletic tournaments, inter-disciplinary games, tournaments, community festivals, and fests.

Southampton now has five distinct libraries, each of which houses almost three million books and periodicals. There are over 1,700 networked computers available for student use, as well as dedicated and casual research areas.

Additionally, there is a 260-seat cinema, a 1,700-seat concert center, two globally recognized arts venues, and access to nine fitness facilities (six of which are on the campuses).

  1. Student life

All students are automatically members of the Students Union, SUSU, which is self-governing and run entirely by students. The Union building itself is equipped with a variety of amenities, including restaurants, a modern vegan/vegetarian cafe, pubs, a shop, a 260-seat theatre, and a zero-waste shop. Additionally, there is an entertainment venue that has hosted a number of world-famous acts over the years. Its multi-purpose venues often host world-class musicians and entertainers.

SUSU provides students with a plethora of interesting experiences. There are over 300 clubs and societies to pick from, including everything from archery and musical arts to debate and quidditch – this is an excellent chance to learn something different. Additionally, you can join student media teams, which include a radio station, a television station, and two magazines. If you need guidance, you can visit The Advice Centre, which can assist you with questions about money, accommodation, healthcare, or academic matters. Southampton is home to over 90 sporting clubs and 40 performing arts organizations. If you are unable to enter an existing society, you may seek help to form your own. The University of Southampton Students Union maintains a comprehensive list of all the relevant societies.

  1. Teaching Quality

Southampton University is a founder member of the Russell Group, an association of 24 leading UK universities dedicated to the highest level of study and teaching. The University is ranked eighth in the United Kingdom for research strength (the latest Research Excellence Framework 2014).

As a member of the Russell Group, the University collaborates with other universities to pool funding for programs such as its GBP 25 million state-of-the-art Cancer Immunology Centre and cultivates close links with the business community. Membership of the Russell Group is generally regarded as a barometer of a university's educational excellence. Academics and employers worldwide understand its importance. Russell Group universities recruit the brightest scientists to focus on the most cutting-edge science.

Students studying at Southampton are educated and supervised by internationally known professors who are experts in their fields. Its extensive and world-renowned research programs guide the University's teaching, and students learn from academic personnel who are actively involved in cutting-edge research.

The University has close links to the local business community. Both Russell Group members work to develop positive partnerships with industry leaders in order to ensure that their courses apply to their interests and that their study contributes to the resolution of critical issues. Businesses that have a close working relationship with the University of Southampton also offer internship and apprenticeship programs that are a good match for the graduates qualifications, thus growing their employability opportunities.

Due to Southampton's connections to several Erasmus universities in Europe and foreign exchange opportunities throughout the country, the majority of undergraduate students have the chance to study abroad. Summer school opportunities are available worldwide for students of all ages.

  1. Fantastic City

Southampton has been named one of the best cities in the UK to live and work and has been rated among the top ten friendliest cities in the country (The 50 Friendliest Cities in the United Kingdom, Big 7 Travel, 2019), as well as the fourth safest city in the country (metro.co.uk, 2018). It is just 75 miles from London, has excellent access to cities in the UK and internationally, is ranked as the top ten friendliest cities in the UK (The 50 Friendliest Cities in the United Kingdom, Big 7 Travel, 2019), and is the fourth safest city in the UK (metro.co.uk, 2018). There are also several locations to visit if you're looking for solitude or want to be surrounded by nature.

Consider yourself to be very creative? Are you a fan of festivals and events? Southampton has a thriving art community, with numerous art festivals, alternative music venues, and unconventional activities. Combine this with the many clubs and societies available at the university, and you're sure to meet plenty of like-minded people during your studies.

Not only does Southampton have a plethora of alternative music clubs, such as The Talking Heads, where you can catch lesser-known live musicians and DJs, but it also has an O2 Academy, which is the go-to spot for more popular acts. Southampton is a hive of activity for students, with much to see and do. There are several pubs, shops, restaurants, and nightclubs during the academic year to keep students occupied.

  1. Graduate Outcomes

Southampton is one of the best cities in the UK to live and work in, according to PwC's 2015 Good Growth for Cities Report. Southampton is a vibrant and evolving center of operation, having invested GBP 2.9 billion in growth over the last five years. Students at Southampton have many chances to gain job experience and internships with leading businesses. Per year, the university offers 400 Excel internships.

The University assists students with locating and applying for internships and other work experience opportunities. Students were given placements and internships last year at companies such as L'Oréal, Ordnance Survey, Hampshire County Council, IBM, and Oxfam.

If students choose to launch their own business or have a significant impact within an established company, enterprise skills are critical for success in the workplace and are highly respected by employers. The Student Enterprise Team at the University of Southampton assists all students in improving their enterprising and entrepreneurship skills.

The University of Southampton offers its placement plan, the Year of Employment, to qualifying students enrolled in programs that do not have an integrated placement year. Coordinated by the Careers and Employability Service's Placements committee, the Year of Employment provides an outstanding chance for students to improve their personal and vocational skills, laying the groundwork for future job development.

  1. Scholarships

Students have a variety of financial aid programs available to them at the university. You may be qualifying for a University of Southampton bursary that is not repayable. Additionally, they grant some non-repayable grants to the most deserving applicants. You may be registered for an Access to Southampton bursary if you apply to the university via their Access to Southampton scheme.

Additionally, some subjects have their grants, and there are bursaries, athletic scholarships, and support programs for students from underrepresented backgrounds. International students who join Southampton are also eligible to secure support through their home country's partners. Additionally, the university provides a variety of bursaries to assist UK undergraduate students in financial need.

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