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Study abroad at Newcastle University

Newcastle University is a renowned university located in Newcastle upon Tyne, North East England. The university also has campuses in Malaysia and Singapore and has a truly global appeal. Newcastle is an institute focused on the development of all the people associated with it. It has a global reputation of academic excellence, creativity, and innovation. For many years now, Newcastle has been producing graduates and professionals that are well equipped with the skills and knowledge that they need to tackle the challenges that the market and the real world puts in front of them.

The university traces its origins to as back as the year 1834 when the School of Medicine and Surgery, which came to be known as the College of Medicine, was established. It was after a long journey along with several mergers and transitions that the institute came to be known as the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in the year 1963. Over the last decades, the university has undergone an expansion and now has several campuses. It has successfully gained the status of a global university and receives hundreds of applications from students from all around the world. With excellent faculty, facilities, and opportunities on offer, Newcastle is a prominent choice among all the students wishing to study in the UK.

Newcastle University Assignment Help

Courses offered:

Newcastle University has a really diverse range of courses for the prospective students to choose from. The university is highly focused on training the students well and providing a learning experience that is practical and equips the students for successful careers and lives. The curriculum and pedagogy that the university follows across departments and courses have been designed to make the students challenges and get prepared for the real world and the professional circuit. When you join Newcastle University, you do not just get access to classroom education but way more than that. You become part of experiences that shape you and prepare you for all the surprises that the future has in store for you.

Along with these experiences and challenges, the kind of diversity and range of courses that the students get to choose from at Newcastle is really helpful for all the students who wish to study here. It proves to be especially beneficial for those students who are not sure about which course they want to pursue.

The university has been divided into three faculties. These are:

  1. Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  2. Faculty of Medical Sciences
  3. Faculty of Science, Agriculture, and Engineering

These faculties are further divided into as many as 19 schools that offer education in specific areas. There are three National Innovation Centres as well that the university houses. These are:

  • National Innovation Centre for Ageing
  • National Innovation Centre for Data
  • National Innovation Centre for Rural Enterprise

The diversity that the university has to offer across the courses can be estimated by the fact that there are more than 200 undergraduate and 300 postgraduate degree courses available on offer for the students. These faculties, schools, and centres offer courses in subjects such as Architecture, Planning, Arts and Cultures, Business, Education, Communication, Language and Linguistics, Politics, Sociology, Geography, History, Archaeology, Law, Modern Languages, Psychology, Biomedicine, Dental Sciences, Medicine, Computing, Mathematics, Physics, Environmental Science, and many more.

Reasons for international students to attend Newcastle University:

United Kingdom is one of the most popular study destinations in the world. It is so because of the high number of top-quality institutions in the country. As a result, when a student thinks about studying in the UK, it becomes difficult for them to choose which college to go for. Moreover, since the decision of choosing a college as your home for the next few years is one of the biggest decisions one takes in their academic career, there are lot of fears and apprehensions involved. One wants to be completely sure regarding the quality of education and life that an institute has to offer, before finalizing the decision.

In addition, this decision proves to be even more difficult for the international students than the local ones. Since these students are from a different country altogether, they are always at a disadvantage when compared to the local students. There is always some information available on the internet but it can never replace the experience of living in the same country as the institute.

However, when it comes to Newcastle University, the students are not required to look for the reasons. There are plenty of them.

Here are some of the reasons why you would want to study at Newcastle University:

  1. A diverse student population

As already mentioned, Newcastle University has a global reputation for academic excellence. As a result, the university has got a truly international community to offer to the prospective students. If you are someone looking to study at Newcastle University, you would be thrilled to know that the student population at this coveted institute is composed of students from more than 146 countries on the globe. This diversity is one of the primary reasons why the students who get admission at Newcastle find themselves comfortable real soon. It is quite understandable that when a student leaves their country and travel to another to live for some years, there is always a fear of not being able to feel at home and not feeling welcome. Well, you do not have to fear about any of these things if you are joining Newcastle. This university is a home to everybody and the student community is as welcoming as it gets. What this amazing diversity in the student population does is make all the international students believe that there are hundreds of students on campus who they have experiences in common with. The fact that so many students of different nationalities are inhabitants of the campus already instills a lot of confidence in the international students.

  1. Exceptional Teaching

The faculty and the teaching methods are what makes an institute earn its reputation, whether good or bad. This is why over the course of the 180 years that Newcastle University has existed for, it has earned a stellar reputation in terms of its teaching and research quality. The university is one of the founding members of the Russell Group, which is a group of the research-intensive universities in UK. So, one can expect academic excellence from this institute. Because of this high-quality teaching. Newcastle University has been awarded the TEF gold award in exceptional teaching. Besides this, the Times Higher Education Europe Teaching Rankings 2018 included Newcastle university in the top 10 institutes in Europe for Teaching excellence. This exceptional teaching quality is one of the primary reasons why the university receives so many applications from all over the world. As a student, you discover that Newcastle doesn’t just offer classroom education but so much more than that. The faculty at Newcastle are leaders in their respective fields of study and thus, they offer and provide an outstanding experience to all the students. The excellent facilities that the university has also help the students succeed and advance in their subject areas.

  1. Way more than just studying

Newcastle University has been one in the top 10 in British Universities and Colleges Sports League for three consecutive years. This university is one of the best places for a student who wishes to participate in sports. There are as many as 65 sports clubs for the students to choose from. There is one or the other sport club for students of all interests. There is even an intra-mural sport programme in which as many as 2,500 students participate each week. Moreover, there are a lot of arts and culture opportunities on the campus for the students to engage in. There is the Great North Museum: Hancock, the Hatton Gallery, and the Northern Stage. The students get access to a lot of music opportunities as well. If you are interested in playing music or even just listening to it, it would help to know that there are weekly acoustic sessions held in the Students’ Union. There are many music groups as well that you can join. In addition to all this, there are more than 160 student societies for the students to join. These societies cover all subject areas, hobbies, interests, and all that you can imagine. These societies really help the international students as it allows them to meet like-minded people and make friends.

  1. Amazing employability rate

While choosing a college or university, the employability rate is one of the factors that prove to have a huge influence over the decision of the students. With the massive costs associated with higher education all over the world, and similarly in UK, it is more than important for the students to consider when deciding where to study. Moreover, when a student travels to a distant land in order to avail higher education, he would want to study at an institute that offers good employability prospects. At Newcastle University, you get just that. Newcastle University offers prepares you for the market and provide you opportunities like no other place. As many as 96 percent of the Newcastle University graduates gain employment or further studies within just six months of their graduation. The university has award winning careers services that offer the students exactly the support that they need in order to gain valuable skills. These skills prepare you and make you desirable for employers around the world and across industries. Newcastle offers services like CV clinics, skills workshops, and sessions with professional careers advisers. The students can even avail support in starting a new business. These services ensure that you enjoy better employability prospects than your peers and competitors.

  1. Great rankings

It is not easy for the international students to decide which college is good for them and which one to choose. While deciding which college to choose, the rankings of an institute is the first thing that a student looks at. These rankings prove to be highly beneficial and useful for a student to make their mind while they look at an institute as their potential home for the next few years. The fact that these rankings are easily available on the internet also helps. When a student finds that an institute has been ranked highly on several renowned lists, it instills a lot of confidence in them and acts as an assurance that they will get good education there. In case of Newcastle University, you do not need to look very hard to know that the university has got great rankings. Newcastle is ranked at the 7th spot in the UK in terms of student experience by Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey 2018. Moreover, it has also been ranked one of the top 150 universities in the world in the QS World University Rankings for the year 2019. These rankings prove to be enough to demonstrate the kind of academic excellence that Newcastle University has to offer to its students.

  1. A great life in the city

When the international students leave their country and travel to UK or any other country, the primary concern is the quality of education. However, the life of a student is obviously more than just this. As student, all of us want to take a break after a long stretch of hard work and enjoy ourselves. When you travel to a new country, you obviously want to delve deep in the culture. Newcastle University has just this on offer for the students. The city of Newcastle is the cultural centre of the North Eastern England. The city has exciting nightlife to offer to the students and is known for its friendly inhabitants. The characteristics and elements like friendly culture, shopping opportunities, an exciting nightlife, low cost of living, and many more come together to make Newcastle one of the best student cities in UK. It would help for you to know that Newcastle was ranked among the top 10 best student cities in UK by the QS Best Student Cities Rankings in the year 2018 and 2019. It was also ranked at the 4th spot in terms of city life in the Whatuni Student Choice Awards 2019. The campus is quite close to the city, which allows the students to visit shops and restaurants whenever they want.

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