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Summarise monzo current business model

Company name: Monzo

Assignment Brief: You are now all working for ‘ARU Consultancy’ as experts on Entrepreneurship and Innovation. During our initial meetings monzo have indicated that they are struggling to identify new ways in which the company can create, deliver, and capture value. Consequently, 'monzo' have asked ARU Consultancy to provide a written consultancy report (2000 words), offering recommendations that promote innovation within their business model.

As your departmental manager I request that in your teams you submit the written consultancy report (2000 words) by 22nd of May 2020.

Your consultancy reports should:

Briefly summarise monzo current business model (See Week 4/5 – ‘Business Models’) Provide a clear rationale of why changes to monzo business model are necessary, utilising market/industrial analysis to support your arguments.

Outline any recommended changes to the company’s business model, in the context of the ‘Business Model Canvas’ framework (see reading list).

Provide a clear justification of any recommended changes to monzo business model, using both academic literature and market/industrial analysis to support your arguments. 
Provide an ‘Executive Summary’ of your findings.
3) Finally, in an appendix to the consultancy report, as an individual or in your group should critically assess how you have managed the assignment. The following questions should be answered:

What did you do? (Description)

How did you do it? (In answering this question analyse the process that you undertook, e.g. how did you allocate time, allocate roles, prioritise the work, analyse the data obtained, organise and write the report?)

How well did you do? (Evaluate how your group performed, e.g. how long did the assignment take? Were there any critical incidents? etc.)

Identify the skills that you have used to complete this assignment and identify any new skills that you have started to develop during the assignment.

How did the process of completing the assignment enhance these skills?

If you were to undertake a similar group assignment at a future date, what improvements would you make?

PLEASE NOTE: As part of this section your group MUST provide a brief statement of acknowledgement at the end of the assignment which gives an assurance that the work is theirs and states that the group members are aware of the University policy and regulations on copying, plagiarism and collusion in assessed work. Non-inclusion of this statement will be penalised (Your mark for criteria ‘Peer Evaluation, Reflection and Plagiarism Statement’ will be capped at 40%)

Submitting your assessment:

This assignment must be submitted individually by the published deadline via Turnitin (GradeMark®). Group members will upload identical reports.

Note; This will result in some students returning a 100% similarity score, however, this will be a result of your individual submission matching an earlier submission by another member of your group.

Failing to individually upload your group consultancy report to Turnitin will result in a score of 0.

How your assessment is graded:
Upon completion of your group consultancy reports, marks will be awarded in the following areas:

Table Detailing the Marking Criteria


Learning Outcomes

Executive Summary


LO1, LO2, LO4

Quality of Proposed Recommendations

How well justified is the need for business model innovation within <insert your chosen entrepreneurial organisation>’?

Are the recommendations provided innovative, clear, and concise?

How appropriate are these recommendations for ‘<insert your chosen entrepreneurial organisation>’

E.g. for an entrepreneurial organisation?

Given the resources available to the company?

For a company within this industry?

What are the limitations of your recommendations?

What timescales do you recommend for these changes?


LO1, LO2, LO3, LO4

Application of Theoretical Concepts and Frameworks

Have the proposed changes to ‘<insert your chosen entrepreneurial organisation> business model been analysed in the context of relevant academic literature?

E.g. was an appropriate business model framework used to underpin the analysis?

Are these sources of information relevant and credible?

Do these sources of information contribute to a critical analysis of your recommendations?


LO1, LO4

·Evidence of Market and Industrial Analysis

Have proposed changes to ‘<insert your chosen entrepreneurial organisation> business model been justified with market and industrial analysis?

Are these sources of information relevant and credible?

Do these sources of information contribute to a critical analysis of your proposed changes?


LO1, LO4


Is there a logical construction of your argument? Are there clear links between sections of the report? Have you used signposting?

Has Harvard Referencing been used?

Have headings and sub-headings been used and appropriately formatted.

Has Business English been used?

Have you correctly formatted the text and layout (so that your consultancy report is easy to read and accessible)



Reflection Statement and Plagiarism Statement (Included in Appendix) 10%

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