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Study abroad at Northumbria University

A Brief History and Introduction:

Northumbria University is a renowned research-oriented university with a reputation of academic excellence. The university is located in Newcastle upon Tyne in UK and has been producing quality professionals and graduates for years now. Northumbria is a professional university and the curriculum that the university follows is highly business-focused and ensure the overall development of the students. As a result, the university has a huge global appeal and receives a high number of applications from the students looking to study in UK.

Northumbria University Assignment Help

With roots dating back to 1877 when the Rutherford College of Technology, the university has come a long way after gaining the university status in the year 1992. Over the years, it has risen a lot in terms of the prestige associated with its name and the popularity among the international students. The university is widely known for offering the students with a unique experience that involves access to world-class facilities and education. It is looked at as a new-kind of university and an institute that has a truly global experience to offer.

Northumbria’s primary campus is located in Newcastle upon Tyne city centre but it also has campuses around the world in cities like London, Amsterdam, and Coach Lane.

Courses offered:

 The courses offered at an institute or college becomes a primary factor when it comes to shaping the student population on the campus. One of the reasons why Northumbria has a global experience to offer is the huge range of course that it has on offer for the students to choose from. It is with a focus to help the students develop into their best self that the university offers all these courses. The curriculum and pedagogy followed at Northumbria has been carefully designed with the aim to help the students equip themselves with all the skills that they are going to need in their careers ahead. When a student gets admission in Northumbria University, you do not get access to just classroom education but way more than that. The courses at Northumbria allow you to gain valuable hands-on experience. With its wide range of courses and disciplines, Northumbria has something for everyone.

The university has been organized into four faculties, which are:

  • Faculty of Business and Law
  • Faculty of Arts, Design, and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Engineering and Environment
  • Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

As part of these four faculties, Northumbria University has almost 500 courses on offer for the students to choose from. These courses are offered in various formats including full-time and part-time. One can estimate the diversity in courses and student population that would be there at Northumbria as a result of these 500 courses. Some of the subject areas and disciplines that the university has on offer are Business, Management, Law, Accountancy, Marketing, Chemistry, Engineering, Computer Science, Computing and IT, Forensics, Criminology, Cyber Security, Design, Drama, Economics, Finance, Entrepreneurship. Language Studies, History, Fashion, Finance, Film and Telivision Studies, Fine Arts, Geography, Geology, Journalism, Mathematics, Media, Music, Nursing, Psychology, and Sports Management.

Reasons for international students to attend Northumbria University:

It is not a secret that United Kingdom is one of the top study destinations in the world as it is home to some of the finest institutes and universities of the world. With such a high number of fine colleges, it becomes difficult for the students willing to study in UK to decide which institute is the best for them. Choosing which colleges to apply to is one of the biggest decisions in the academic life of an individual, and hence, one cannot commit the mistake of taking it lightly. The international students have to put in more efforts and conduct a more intensive research than the local ones to come to any conclusion regarding a college. They are obviously at a disadvantage as compared to the local students because of their location. However, despite this difficulty, it is imperative for a student to be absolutely sure regarding several elements, including but not limited to the quality of education an institute has to offer, the history, rankings, and the prestige associated with the name of the university.

However, when it comes to Northumbria University, you need not look far to find reasons to study at this prestigious university. There are several well-known reasons. Here are a few of them:

  1. A vibrant student community

Northumbria University is widely renowned for its academic excellence. As a result of this excellence, the university has become a home to a huge student body composed of bright young minds. It would help for you to know that the student body at Northumbria University is made up of as many as 31,500 students. This huge number of students come from more than a hundred countries from all across the world. Because of such a huge diversity, you get to live with like-minded competitive people with as different experiences and cultures. This high diversity in student population proves to be beneficial to the students, especially for the international ones. When a student leaves their country and move to another to pursue high education, there are obviously a lot of concerns, apprehensions, and fears. The biggest of these fears is that of not being feeling welcome and at home. This is where this global student population comes in. As soon as you walk across the gates of Northumbria University, you become the part of a community that is made up of students just like you. You realize that there are several students on campus who share the same experiences and fears as yourself. As a result, it becomes pretty easy for you to make friends and feel at home on campus.

  1. Quality teaching

As already mentioned above several times, Northumbria University is known for the quality of education that it has to offer. This is one of the primary reasons why so many students apply to Northumbria every year. This high quality of education is possible because of the leading academics who teach at this prestigious university. The faculty at Northumbria is a blend of both academic and practitioner experience and expertise. These faculty members provide you the kind of education and give you access to learning opportunities that help you proceed in your career. The pedagogy that the faculty members of Northumbria follow is based on an industry-focused approach and market-based case studies. The faculty members at Northumbria ae qualified academics with years of experience in their field of study. Moreover, many of these faculty members are professionals with significant amount of experience of the real world. As a result, Northumbria has come about to achieve a reputation for being an institute with a high quality of education. When you come to Northumbria University, you realize that the education that you get access to is good enough to prepare you for the real world and help you overcome all the obstacles that the real world puts in front of you.

  1. Great employment prospects

It is no secret that the market out there is getting tougher by the day. The world is a competitive place and only the best of the best survive in the cut-throat competition that the markets have to offer to professionals. As a student, it is imperative for one to look not just for quality education but good employment prospects as well. The students around the world are in pursuit of institutes that do not just train them and help them gain skills but can also help them find a place in the market. It would help for you to know that Northumbria University was ranked among the Top 15 universities in the UK for graduates in terms of high skilled employment by the UK Full Time Undergrads Graduate Outcomes 2017-18. The university has been widely recognized as an institute that produces the best professionals for various industries and has successfully formed links with business giants and industries. The cost of quality education is witnessing a constant and unstoppable rise throughout the world. The costs associated with education hit the international students a little harder at times, due to the difference in the strengths of the currencies. Therefore, it has become imperative for the international students to find themselves an institute that offers great employment prospects. Northumbria University has just that to offer.

  1. Amazing Rankings

When it comes to international students, it is very difficult to decide which college to attend and choose. A student usually conducts a lot of research at their own level before finally deciding which college is good for them. One of the first steps in this research is looking at rankings of a university or college. These rankings are extremely helpful for the students in order to be bale to make up their mind regarding an institute or university. Moreover, it is no secret that as students, all of us want to go a college that has a lot of prestige associated with its name. There is a sense of pride and security attached with attending such a college. Northumbria University has got amazing rankings over the years and has come about to become a highly prestigious institute. It has been ranked as the Top Young UK University by the Times Higher Education’s Young Universities Rankings 2020. It was ranked among the Top 50 in UK for its Research Power by the Research Excellence Framework 2014. The Guardian University Guide 2021 has placed the university among the top 30 universities in the UK. In addition to this, the university was also ranked among the top 15 institutes in the UK for graduates in terms of highly skilled employment for the session 2017-18 by the UK Full Time Undergrads Graduate Outcomes.

  1. An inclusive student life

As an international student, life can turn out to be pretty difficult. When one leaves their country and travels to a new one altogether, there is always fears of not feeling at home and not being welcome. When you come to Northumbria University, you become the part of a campus life that is absolutely inclusive, irrespective of where you come from. The student body at Northumbria University is made up of people from all over the world, with varied interests, hobbies, and cultures. The population that lives on campus is truly the example of what they call a global population.

There are more than a hundred student societies and clubs that operate on campus. As soon as you land on campus, you would realize that because of such a huge number of student clubs and societies, there is something for everyone. Even if you do not find some club or society that suits your interests, you can easily form a new one. These clubs and societies prove to be extremely helpful for the international students. By getting involving in them, it becomes easy for them to make friends, learn new skills, and try new things. This eventually leads to the students feeling comfortable on campus and focusing on studies.

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