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University of Westminster Homework Help

Study Abroad at the University of Westminster

A Brief Introduction and History

University of Westminster Assignment Help

The University of Westminster initially known as the Royal Polytechnic Institute was founded in 1838. It is one of the country's oldest educational establishments. In 1992, the institution was bestowed with royal status and renamed the University of Westminster. . Its main campus is situated in Central London on Regent Street. It also has three additional campuses in Fitzrovia, Harrow, and Marylebone. It is a member of a number of organizations, including the Association of Commonwealth Universities, the Association of MBAs, EQUIS, the European Foundation for Management Growth, Universities UK, and the European University Association.£22 million in loans, contracts, and research grants were obtained by the university.

Students at the University of Westminster benefit from the best available learning environment, and the university's faculty and staff are continually innovating to keep their content and teaching practices current.

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The University of Westminster offers courses on four campuses – three in central London and one in northwest London. The University of Westminster's central London location provides its students with access to a sizable international population. It boasts world-class infrastructure; more than GBP 60 million has been spent in recent years in fresh and exciting additions to the Marylebone campus, leisure facilities on Regent Street and Chiswick, and the purpose-built Bloomberg Financial Markets Suite.

Among the university's notable alumni are Sir Thomas Bennett (architect), Fougasse (editor), and John Ryan (animator), as well as renowned writers Mary Jo Bang and David Gascoyne, businessmen Sinclair Beecham, Julian Metcalfe, and Robert Bellinger, as well as renowned entertainers Charlie Brooker, Asif Kapadia, and Tej Lalvani. Among the university's notable faculty members are Sir George Cayley, considered the "father of aeronautical engineering," Charles Algernon Parsons, an architect and inventor of the steam turbine, and Tom Ang, a BBC presenter. Political thinker Chantal Mouffe, poet Ezra Pound, and Jean Seaton (professor of media history and historian of the BBC).

Courses offered at the University of Westminster

Westminster University is comprised of four campuses, twelve schools, and 65 departments, and academic centers. The university offers 180 undergraduate classes, 231 graduate courses, and 99 advanced and short courses in a variety of formats, including full-time, part-time, and open/distance learning.

The University is divided into 3 colleges:-

  1. College of Design, Creative and Digital Industries
  2. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  3. Westminster Business School

Reasons for international students to study at the University of Westminster

  1. Excellent Quality of Teaching

The University of Westminster provides its students with high-quality teaching, learning, and results that meet the criteria of UK higher education. The Westminster students are coming up with creative and inventive ways to solve problems, helping to make the environment a better place for people everywhere.

A degree from the University of Westminster is a globally recognized credential that can help you land graduate jobs. About 50 separate certification associations accredit or approve UoW degrees, and many grant graduate membership.

The university aims to provide a welcoming and inclusive academic atmosphere by presenting students with an opportunity to explore different viewpoints. The university's faculty is highly trained and skilled in responding to developments in global teaching approaches, as well as emerging innovations and procedures. Numerous faculty members have served and taught abroad and are adept at communicating their skills to students from diverse backgrounds.

The university fosters a vibrant and inclusive learning atmosphere through a flexible tuition structure. The courses are developed in cooperation with leading business experts to ensure that the curriculum is current and appropriate. Guest lecturers from prestigious universities and technical institutions are an integral part of multiple course structures, bridging the gap between the classroom and the modern world.

  1. Exceptional Student Support

The University of Westminster recognizes that the transition to university-level education when relocating to a new city can be overwhelming, and is committed to offering an exceptional level of service to ensure its student population's academic and personal growth. Services are provided free of charge and in a confidential manner with the aim of enhancing the campus environment and ensuring the safety and well-being of all students.

Their professionally qualified and professional counselors give students a one-to-one program as well as social meetings in which students can talk about issues with people that are going through similar circumstances. It's beneficial to communicate because you don't have to smile and bear it if anything bothers you.

The Disability Learning Support team provides assistance and guidance to individuals who have delays or particular learning problems, as well as dyslexia screening. Additionally, the team provides spiritual resources and instruction to students of all religions, as well as pastoral care and counseling during times of need. International students may also take advantage of the English for Academic Purposes courses, which are designed to help non-native speakers develop their academic English skills – which are essential for writing essays and making presentations, among other things.

  1. Flexible and affordable accommodation

The halls of residence at the University of Westminster are located within a fast tube ride of the university's four campuses. There are several choices available to accommodate individuals with varying budgets and desires. The majority of rooms have a single bed, an en-suite bathroom, and are self-catering with a communal kitchen and living space. Prices begin at about £175 a week and include all utility bills, building protection, and complimentary high-speed WiFi throughout. During Open Days, prospective students can visit these housing options, and virtual tours of Raffles House and Harrow Hall are available.

Additionally, London offers an abundance of private housing opportunities. Rental costs differ significantly by location and form of accommodation, but students can budget upwards of £200 a week before utilities for a single bed. Students at the University of Westminster should visit the university's dedicated Student Accommodation staff for assistance with commuting, locating lodging, rental arrangements, and landlord problems.

  1. State of the art Facilities

The University of Westminster has spent over £60 million on its infrastructure over the last five years, including fresh and innovative projects on both of its campuses. This includes the establishment of a state-of-the-art digital fabrication laboratory for the School of Architecture, the construction of a Bloomberg Financial Markets Suite (the University of Westminster is one of only a few universities in the UK to provide this), and the restoration of the university's historic Regent Street Cinema.

Additionally, the campuses provide world-class photography, video, television, and audio recording studios, state-of-the-art scientific labs, professionally equipped specialist libraries with a vast array of books, magazines, and specialized multimedia materials, as well as create private study and lecture rooms.

Moreover, there are a variety of non-academic services, such as cafés, coffee shops, food and beverage stalls, and prayer rooms for a variety of religious groups. The Harrow sports hall and the Regent Street gym have excellent amenities for sports lovers. Quintin Hogg Sports Ground in Chiswick is a 45-acre facility that features football, rugby, cricket, and hockey grounds, as well as netball and tennis courts and a boathouse.

If you're training, participating in athletics, or just exploring the arts and culture of central London, the University of Westminster's facilities offer an excellent atmosphere for living, learning, and studying.

  1. Student Union

The University of Westminster Students Union (UWSU) is an autonomous student-run organization that serves as the university community's representative entity and the organizing hub for several extracurricular events. The UWSU is committed to enhancing and supporting each student's university experience in a variety of ways. The Student's Union expresses its members interests and safeguards their privileges, by creating a forum for every person to speak out.

Additionally, the UWSU serves as a counseling and welfare organization, offering assistance and encouragement to any student experiencing difficulties with their studies or university life. It's frequently beneficial to speak with the UWSU staff since the union is made up of active and former students and therefore have a better understanding of their participants concerns. Additionally, the Student's Union hosts a vibrant schedule of social gatherings and sports and coordinates the university's 200 clubs and societies, guaranteeing that the university community reaches outside the classroom.

  1. Societies, Clubs, and Sports

Along with graduate studies, pursuing a degree provides an excellent opportunity to broaden horizons and participate in the many extracurricular opportunities available. The University of Westminster offers a diverse range of student-run groups and societies for students to learn and appreciate. If a student wishes to acquire new skills or form lifelong friendships.

At the UoW, there are over 200 organizations and associations, including athletic teams, language classes, and several special interest groups. Anything from art to photography, salsa to Spanish, diverse religious communities to bone marrow charity organizations.

With so much on offer, there is sure to be something for all, and the university promotes the creation of new groups if are not currently accessible, including resources for students to assume organizational and leadership roles and add to the university's broader community.

  1. Fantastic city

London is without a question one of the most thrilling and diverse cities in the world for a student to explore. The whole community is a walkable campus filled with sports and educational resources. There is much to discover, from classic museums and iconic sights such as Big Ben, the London Eye, and the Houses of Parliament to world-class retail districts such as Carnaby Street and Regents Street. The city is teeming with art galleries and museums, from the Tate to the National Gallery and Royal Academy, the Design Museum, Natural History, Science, and British Museums, many of which display some of the most densely curated collections of globally outstanding exhibits and libraries.

The West End is a Mecca for theatre buffs, and London's live music and nightlife scenes are unprecedented worldwide, including everything from opera to jazz to electronic music, weekend concerts, and late-night clubbing. The only constraint is one's exploratory ability.

The scenery of London is a patchwork of tranquil parks, vibrant street life, beautifully landscaped parkland, and tree-lined canal walks. A bicycle-friendly capital, London is crisscrossed by the mighty Thames, which winds its way across a thousand years of legendary and tumultuous past. Time spent wisely in London becomes its kind of education.

  1. Job Prospects

The dedicated Careers and Employability Service at the University of Westminster has established strong partnerships with an expanding network of over 7,000 prospective employers and professional organizations and offers outstanding job advice and guidance.

Students at the University of Westminster have free access to a robust portal of resources and resources aimed at fostering each student's personal and professional growth.

Undergraduate programs are tailored to assist students in developing a variety of transferable skills and attributes in addition to their academic studies, which promote employability and foster a sense of global involvement and social responsibility. Additionally, the university provides three years of assistance to all candidates after completion of their course, with complete access to support programs and facilities.

Six months after graduation, more than 84 percent of the students are employed or enrolled in further research, and the university was recognized for its Careers and Employability services at the 2017 National Undergraduate Employability (NUE) Awards.

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