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Study Abroad at the University of Dundee

Brief History and Introduction

The University of Dundee is a leading Scottish institution that was established in the year 1881.

It used to serve as a part of the University of St.Andrews for the early part of its existence.

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Later in 1967, it followed significant expansion and became a university on its own, even though it retained much of its heritage and governance structure.

The university's main campus is situated in Dundee, Scotland. It contains research and teaching facilities such as Dundee Law School, the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, and the Dundee Dental Hospital and School.

Their Student union is considered one of the best in the world, with over 250 student societies which is a great opportunity to make friends and like-minded people. The societies include various fields like academics, sports, arts, politics, and much more

Courses Offered

The University of Dundee offers you more than a hundred courses at the graduate and postgraduate levels. It is organized into ten schools, all of which contain multiple disciplines:-

  • Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design
  • School of Business
  • School of Dentistry
  • School of Education & Social Work
  • School of Humanities
  • School of Life Sciences
  • School of Medicine
  • School of Nursing and Health Sciences
  • School of Science and Engineering
  • School of Social Sciences

Some of the subject areas and disciplines that are covered include:-Accounting and Finance, Anatomy and Human Identification, Architecture and Urban Planning, Archive and Information Studies, Art and Design, Biological Sciences and Biomedical Sciences, Business, Management, and Marketing, Comics, Community Learning and Development, Computing, Dentistry, Economics, Education, Energy Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy, Engineering, English / Creative Writing / Film Studies, Geography / Environmental Science, History, Languages, Law, Mathematics, Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Philosophy, Physics, Politics, and International Relation, Psychology, Social Work.

Why study at Dundee?

If you are a candidate looking to pursue higher studies in the United Kingdom, chances are that you have already had a shortlist in your mind By this time, you would have realized that it is harder than you think.

Deciding on a college to attend is a very important decision in your life. It not only impacts your immediate future but your long-term future as well, as the college would end up shaping the kind of chances and opportunities that you will end up getting. Hence, this is not a decision that can be easy to make.

In the case of international students, this procedure is even more complicated. First of all, they already are at a disadvantage because of their location and their lack of knowledge compared to the local students. Even though they have rankings that can make their decision easier, they would also want to know about the education quality, accommodation services, and a lot more about the university.

If you have the University of Dundee on your shortlist, this guide is the right place to be. There are a handful of reasons why you should attend this esteemed institute. Some of them are:-

  1. Reputation

The University of Dundee has a great reputation and is ranked in the top 20 universities in the United Kingdom. (Guardian University Guide 2021). The university shows the highest satisfaction rate among any Scottish University that have participated(A overall average satisfaction rate of 89.1 among international students). It is home to more than 16000 students and the satisfaction rate shows the exceptional environment, that offers a healthy and happy student life.

Being situated in eastern Scotland, The city of Dundee offers a rich and diverse life to international students. The city has excellent transit connections and is at a reachable distance to Glasgow and Edinburgh and has great transport links to London. It also offers luxurious green spaces, pubs, restaurants, museums, and galleries.

The University revolutionizes lives locally and internationally through creating, sharing, and applying knowledge. Undergraduate, postgraduate and research degree that is offered in a wide range of subjects, along with a global reputation for a world-class research help attract top-class students and academics from around the globe, with representation from 145 countries across the globe.

2. Student Experience

The University is known to provide one of the best(If not the best) student experiences and has developed innovations as diverse as flat-screen technology and keyhole surgery. From political leaders to activists for social change to Turner price winners to captains of the various industries, the alumni of Dundee are changing the world.

The students who study at the University of Dundee will gain from the world-class standard of teaching across various programs and courses. In 2017, the university was recognised for its excellent teaching quality by receiving the award of a gold ranking in the Teaching Excellence Framework(TEF). Furthermore, the 2014 Research Excellence Framework evaluated more than three-quarters of the research output of the university as world-leading or ‘internationally renowned’

The university also offers students world-class facilities along with exceptional teaching. The facilities include a state-of-the-art library, extensive IT facilities, and campus Wi-Fi. With a relatively small class size, students can take advantage of tutors who are available to answer any question. Subsequently, students will have an excellent chance to learn the most out of their tuition, which is catered according to their needs. The students at Dundee concur that the teaching is of superior quality. At the latest national student survey of 2020, the overall satisfaction rate of 87.4 was achieved for full-time students on undergraduate courses.

3. Employment opportunities

The cost of Higher education is not a small investment in today’s times- in terms of money and time. And the cost of studying abroad is even greater. For a student from abroad, to come study in the UK is a huge investment and risk. Hence, it is critical that students choose to go to an institute that provides them excellent employment opportunities.

The University of Dundee was ranked in the top in Scotland for the proportion of graduates that are entering high skilled employment and was ranked 4th in the UK for graduates that are entering professional occupations in the Graduate Outcomes Survey of 2020.

The University consists of a highly regarded careers service, made up of well-informed and dedicated members of staff, who provide their expertise to help the students and guide them on the path of their chosen career. The service includes guidance sessions and a variety of online resources ranging from interview preparation to CV writing.

You could also participate in volunteer work, networking, or placements. Few of the careers lectures and seminars provide students with insight into a career of their choice.

The alumni network of the University is vibrant and is constantly growing and they offer advice, support, and excellent networking opportunities that are available to the graduates from the day they start their course to the day they complete their studies.

4. Rankings

If you are planning on leaving your country and coming to the UK for higher studies, it is imperative that you join an institute that offers quality education. One of the primary reasons why students come to foreign universities to study is the pursuit of good education and that is what you get at the University of Dundee.

University rankings provide a testament to the quality of educations that it offers. The University of Dundee ranks 23rd in the Times University Guide of 2021, 19th in the Guardian University Guide of 2021, and 319th in the QS World University rankings of 2021.

Few of the schools in the University,(i.e)Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, School of Medicine, and School of Dentistry are all considered world-class and rank extremely high in the United Kingdom tables. The Subjects of anatomy, physiology, dentistry, and social work are all regularly featured in the top ten rankings in the United Kingdom. And For Law, The university ranks first in Scotland and fourth in the United Kingdom, according to the Guardian University Guide of 2020. Furthermore, in 2014, Dundee recorded the highest level of 4-star or world-leading research in the Biological science of any university in the United Kingdom.

5. Life as an international student

The University of Dundee consists of students from more than 140 countries, which ensures that you won’t feel out of place as an international student. The International advice service at Dundee is specifically outlined to welcome and support every student starting at Dundee from abroad. They offer advice on a vast range of issues that include immigration, Accommodation, Working in the UK after your studies, and also arrange cultural and social events across the calendar. Every student is encouraged to live on campus and they also motivate them to join student societies so that they can ease into their life in Scotland.

Whenever a student arrives on campus, they would always fear that they would not be able to feel at home or they are not welcome in a new country. However, at the University of Dundee, you can rest assured as this won’t be a problem. When you arrive on the campus of Dundee, you realize that there are thousands of students that have a similar experience as you. The students comprise people of multiple ethnicities, interests, and cultures. Consequently, it would be easy for you to bond with your peers and find friends with similar interests. This helps you in becoming comfortable quickly and allows you to focus on your studies.

6. Research

Excellent research requires excellent ideas. The University of Dundee boasts some of the best researchers in the world who are working and developing ideas that make a positive impact and a difference to the world.

Dundee is considered a world-leading institution with world-changing people with expertise in various fields ranging from artificial intelligence to aerospace engineering, from data analysis to drug discovery, and from growing and developing communities to global sustainability. This diversity allows them to be united in their approach and interdisciplinary in thinking, which allows them to address many local and global challenges. They also build strong relationships and partnerships with various industries and institutions from across the world. This ensures that they connect with the bigger picture and allows their research team to make a bigger impact on the world and the people

7. Societies

Dundee’s Student societies are ranked number one globally by the International Student Barometer (2019). It offers more than 250 student societies that bring students together who all share a similar internet ( It may be a hobby, passion, or belief). The student societies vary from drama to music to arts to community work to sports to literature and many other societies that bring students together. With the number of student societies at an all-time high, there is something for everyone. Being a part of a society, you’ll make more than just friends, you can develop critical skills that can make that difference in your future.

You can either keep up with a current hobby or try something new. The theatre and drama company can help you unlock your creative side. Or you can be a part of the Participation society where can participate in a new sport every week that includes American football, dodgeball, and other competitive sports. One of the societies is DunTea, a tea-drinking society that involves interacting with new people and testing out new teas that you may never even have heard!

8. Sports clubs

The sports union at Dundee is the representative body of all the sports clubs, which is also reinforced by an elected Student Executive team. They ensure that all of their clubs be progressive, inclusive, and successful as possible. They also work closely with the Institute of sport and exercise to ensure the best coaching, equipment, and facilities are provided to the students.

There are plenty of opportunities for students throughout the year to be involved in sports. You can choose to play, coach, volunteer, or cheer the teams at the varsity. They also have annual events like the Dundee varsity in which they go head to head with their close neighbours Abertay and St.Andrews

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