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Study Abroad at The University of Birmingham

A Brief History and Introduction:

The University of Birmingham, or commonly known as Birmingham, is a prestigious institution located in the United Kingdom. Founded in the year 1900, Birmingham has more than a century old tradition of developing and shaping great minds. With excellence in innovation, the University of Birmingham has always been known for making breakthroughs, expanding the horizons of knowledge, and have a high impact on the world. Over the years, the university has produced great professionals and graduates who go on to make a significant impact in the real world and make a name for themselves.

Birmingham was the first civic university of England- where the students from all backgrounds and religions were accepted without any form of discrimination. The tradition has continued and today, it is home to a huge population of international students from all parts of the world.

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What makes the University of Birmingham special is that it has been an institute to do a lot of firsts. It was a founder member of the National Union of Students and also the very first university in the country to be built on a campus model. The first Faculty of Commerce in England was established at Birmingham. It was also the first institute in England to start offering degrees in Dentistry, have a women’s hall of residence, and incorporate a medical school.

Because of such a rich history and tradition, the University of Birmingham receives a huge number of applications from students from all parts of the world. If you are a student willing to study in the UK, Birmingham has to be on your list.

Courses Offered:

At the University of Birmingham, you get to choose from hundreds of courses on offer. One of the primary reasons for the university to have such a diverse student population is the high number and range of courses that the students have on offer, to choose from. The peer-to-peer learning at a college or university is solely based on the quality and diversity in the student population. Because of so many courses on offer, the University of Birmingham checks out in this department.

Birmingham has departments that cover a huge range of subjects. The university has been structured into as many as five colleges- which are in turn divided into a huge number of schools. These five colleges are:

  1. Arts and Law
  2. Engineering and Physical Sciences
  3. Life and Environmental Sciences
  4. Social Sciences
  5. Medical and Dental Sciences

Through these five colleges and numerous schools and departments, the university offers courses that are designed to transform students into responsible professionals. Some of the subject areas and disciplines that are covered include: Astronomy, Alta Bioscience, African Studies, Anthropology, Accounting, Art, Business, Biosciences, Energy, Law, Dentistry, Cardiac science, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemistry, Social Sciences, Computer Science, Clinical Sciences, Engineering, Ancient History, Drama, Development Studies, Management, Social Policy, Earth Science, European Studies, Economics, Education, Energy, English Literature, Geography, Finance, History, Liberal Arts, Marketing, and many more. In fact, the list goes on and on. There is a course for everyone’s interests.

These courses are offered at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level, along with research opportunities. The university also offers continuing education, online programs, and MOOCs. Moreover, there are several professional services on offer for the students. These services are divided into as many as eleven areas.

Reasons for International Students to attend the University of Birmingham:

If you are a student looking to study in the UK, there ae high chances that you are already halfway into the process of shortlisting the colleges. By this time, you would have already figured out that it is no walk in the park.

When you decide which colleges to apply to and which one to attend, you do not just make a decision for the next few years. The decision impacts your entire life- the college that you go to ends up shaping the quality of all the opportunities that you are going to get in future. Therefore, you just cannot take this decision lightly.

When it comes to the international students, the process is even more difficult. They are at an obvious disadvantage because of their location. They have access to less information as compared to the local students. The rankings do help, but you obviously want to know the ins and outs, the characteristics, the quality of education, and so much more about your new home. And needless to say, the process is not easy.

Well, if the University of Birmingham is on your list (as it should be), then look no further. There are many reasons why you would want to attend this coveted and prestigious institute. Here are some of them:

  1. A Highly Diverse Population

The college life is not just about classroom education but way more than that. A lot of learning that happens in college is peer-to-peer. Therefore, the student population that thrives on campus is really important. At the University of Birmingham, you get to become the part of a diverse student population. The university is home to more than thirty-five thousand students. Out of these, as many as ten thousand are international students from more than 150 countries all over the world. The diversity in the student body of a university is really important for the international students. When an international student arrives on the campus, there is always a fear of not being able to feel at home or welcome in the new country. However, when you choose the University of Birmingham, you can rest assured that this won’t be a problem. As an international student, when you arrive at the campus of Birmingham, you realize that there are thousands of students who have had the same experience as you. The campus population is composed of people of different backgrounds, interests, and cultures. Therefore, it becomes really easy for you to bond with your peers and find friends. This leads to you becoming comfortable quickly and allows you to focus on studies.

  1. Great Rankings

If you are leaving your home country and leaving to the United Kingdom, you are obviously not moving to study at a college that does not offer quality education. The primary motive that drives the students to leave their country is the pursuit of good education- and that is exactly what you get at the University of Birmingham. The rankings of the university are a testament to the quality of education that the university offers.
The University of Birmingham ranks 82 in the entire world according to the QS World University Rankings. It was placed among in the 101-150 bracket out of 500 colleges and universities in the Shanghai Jiao Tong rankings. The Complete University Guide 2017 ranked the University of Birmingham at the 15th spot out of 127 colleges and universities. In addition to this, The Guardian University Guide also ranked the university at the 13th spot out of as many as 119 institutions under survey. In other words, Birmingham is a leading top 100 university and is widely recognized as one of the universities in the top 1 percent of the world- and these rankings instill a lot of confidence in the international students who are looking forward to study in the UK. This is one of the primary reasons why so many international students apply to this university.

  1. Excellence in Research

The University of Birmingham is known for the research excellence it has achieved over the years. As an applicant, it would instill a lot of confidence in you to know as much as 81 percent of the research conducted by the University of Birmingham was rated by the 2014 Research Excellence Framework as internationally excellent or world leading. In addition to this, more than 87 percent of the university’s research has also been rated as having a global significant impact. This is one of the primary reasons why the university has been rated so high in so many global rankings.
The University of Birmingham is a member of the coveted and prestigious Russell Group. So, the high quality of research is no surprise. The university has designed its curriculum in a way to give the students chance to work on excellent case studies and an exposure to real world problems in fields like engineering, genetic and chemical research. Therefore, if you are a student who wishes to work on live projects and on case studies or has a genuine interest in research, the University of Birmingham is the place for you. This institute gives you enough opportunities to develop into a research professional.

  1. High Employment Rate

Higher education is not a small investment these days- both in terms of money and time. In fact, studying abroad is an even higher investment, especially for international students. For a student who is from Asia, studying in UK is a massive investment because of the difference in currency strengths. Therefore, it is imperative for the students to make sure that they go to an institute that provides them good employment opportunities. This is exactly what the University of Birmingham has on offer for you. The institute has a really impressive success rate in terms of employment. As much as 96 percent of the graduates of Birmingham get employed or join further education within the first six months of graduating. On top of this, more than 88 percent of the students are satisfied with the opportunities they get at the university- which shows that the students are happy.

In other words, the University of Birmingham is located in the industrial hub of England. It has forged strong links with the local industrial masters and employers who are operational in the area that it conducts research in. Irrespective of the study area you choose, you will have multitude of opportunities at your disposal.

  1. Great environment for Sports

When you join the University of Birmingham, you join an institute that has an excellent reputation for sports. The students at this university get the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sports. The teams compete at high level in varsity games. In addition to this, the university also has a School of Sport and Exercise Sciences where you can study the subject. Several rankings and research have placed the university among the top 3 institutes in terms of sport science, rehabilitation, and exercise. As a student here, you get to be involved in and work on community projects. Working on these projects, you get practical experience of working in the real world- which proves to be really helpful in looking for employment. If you are a student who is interested in pursuing a career in sports or studying the subject, the University of Birmingham is more than the perfect destination for you. You get all the facilities and resources while living on the campus that you need to become your best self in terms of sports. Since the institute has had an excellent tradition of sports, you also get to compete with the best of your peers in your sport.

  1. An amazing student life

It is not a secret that the student life revolved around stress and pressure. Long nights are pretty common and there is hardly any free time. But whenever there is, you obviously want to do something that you enjoy. It is quite important for the students to catch a break whenever possible. The University of Birmingham offers you a high range of opportunities to indulge in the activities of your choice. At the university, there are as many as 200 student clubs and societies for you to choose from. These groups and societies cover everything ranging from gliding to politics, music to art, dance to sports, and much more. The university has two symphony orchestras, multiple choirs, and a dedicated art gallery. Such a high number of student clubs and societies means that the university has something for everyone. Irrespective of where you are from and what your interests are, you will find a group that caters to your interests. For the international students, these groups are even more helpful. As you land on the campus, these clubs act as opportunities to meet people and get to know them. Being from a distant land can be scary but these groups act as the perfect catalysis to help you make the transition.

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