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Lancaster University, or also popularly called as the University of Lancaster, is an open research college located in the region of Lancashire in Britain. The university was established in the year 1964 by the Royal Charter. It is one of the very new colleges which was established in the 1960s.

The University of Lancaster was at first located at the gate of St. Leonard which is in the downtown area. Later, it moved to a different location in the year 1968 in an assembled approx. 350 sections of land at the Bailrigg ground. It is approx. 4km from the south of the city. The grounds structures are organized within a restored region around the focal walkway, which is associated with a local square, which is named Square of Alexandra. It was named after Princess Alexandra, who was the first chancellor of the university.

Lancaster University is one of just ten university colleges in the country; the schools are feebly independent. The eight undergrad schools are named after spots in the memory region of Lancashire, and each has its own grounds living arrangement squares, basic rooms, organization staff, and bar.

Lancaster is positioned in the main ten in each of the three national class tables and got a rating of Gold in the Framework of Teaching Excellence by the Government. In the year 2017, it was granted the College of the Year by University Guide of Sunday Times Good and The Times and accomplished its most elevated ever country positioning of the sixth spot inside the guide's national table.

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The fabricated grounds possess Bailrigg, a 360-section of the land site given by the Council of Lancaster City in the early 1960s. The grounds structures are situated on a ridge, the lower inclines of which are finished parkland which incorporates "Lake Carter" duck lake and the college playing fields. Lake Carter is named after Charles Carter, the primary Vice-Chancellor of the college, and it has worked in the mid-1900s. The site is three miles south of the downtown area. Development of the Bailrigg grounds started in November 1965, with the main structure finished a year later. The first on-grounds understudy homes opened in 1968.

As opposed to a portion of alternate grounds colleges, Bailrigg was intended to incorporate social, private and educating territories. Another significant element of the plan was that there would not be a huge focal Students Association structure, however that the individual schools would be the focal point of recreational and social offices. Vehicular and person on foot traffic is isolated: this is accomplished by confining engine vehicles to a fringe street with a connecting underpass running west-east underneath Square of Alexandra.

The structures on the campus grounds are organized within a confined walkway which is at the center. It is known as The Spine. This central walkway keeps running from south to north and is secured for the vast majority of its area. Gabriel Epstein is the main architect of this walkway. Peter Shepherd, along with Mr. Epstein established the foundations of these structures in the year 1963.

The building of Charles Carter

University of Lancaster’s primary court is the Square of Alexandra. It is named after the Chancellor and Dean of the university, Princess Alexandra, and is arranged in the very center point of the first grounds of the college. It also contains the library of the university. It is situated in the south-west part. The Building was established in the year 1964. There were three prominent stages in the vicinity and were opened in 1964,1966 and 1968, respectively. Later on, the library was stretched and renovated in early 1997. It also experienced a staged repair in the year 2014. In the very next year, in 1998, the Library of Ruskin was also inaugurated. It was built by Richard MacCormac. On the corner side of the square is the House of University just like different shops and banks. The tallest structure on the ground; a fourteen-story structure, which is named the Tower of Bowland is on the South-East side of the building. It mainly contains the main settlements and also masks the engine compartment smokestack.

The center of University Chaplaincy is one of the most visited and popular structures situated on the Bailrigg grounds. It is a standout among the other structures present in the campus. It was inaugurated in the year 1969. It was designed by the firm of Ashton and Cassidy. The college’s earlier logo is embedded in this very tower of center. The structure has a trefoil plan with a focal tower where the three circles meet.

An arrangement was prepared to make a twin-ground with another six schools toward the east of Hazelrigg at the motorway of M6. The arrangement was surrendered during the late 1960s amid a time of monetary troubles.

South-west grounds

University started extension onto opposite inclines of the grounds with the improvement of new structures for College for Graduate in 1997, which is presently part of South-West grounds. Improvement proceeded with the development of Alexandra Park and InfoLab which presently houses the en-suite rooms of College of Pendle, College of Cartmel and College of Lonsdale.

Wellbeing development focus

The college is arranging a "Wellbeing Innovation Campus" near the current grounds. The grounds will make 1900 occupations and lift the nearby economy by around £90 million. The £30 million contract for the development of the principal building was granted to Construction by BAM in the fall of 2017, with development starting at the end of 2017 and fruition by early 2018. This structure will be 78,000 sections of land and will require the development of frontage connectivity with an intersection to the main motorway.

Students Association Living

Social settings

The Complex of Great Hall of the University is situated at the northern end of the campus grounds. There are multiple places at this place for both the general public as well as the understudies. It majorly includes the International Concert Series of Lancaster, The Gallery of Peter Scott and the Theatre of Nuffield. In the year 2009, all of these three centers were consolidated as a singular office of the college. It was named as The Public Arts. It was later renamed as the LICA Live.

The Library Ruskin

The Gallery of Peter Scott is available to the open for nothing out of pocket. It is situated on the campus grounds and houses the college’s worldwide craftsmanship gathering, which incorporates artifacts, Chinese and Japanese workmanship, works by old country craftsmen including works by specialists.

International Concert Series of Lancaster is the primary supplier of established performing arts in major Cumbria and Lancashire. Shows are conducted inside the Great Audi. During the spring and fall season every year, the arrangement offers a different eating routine of music which incorporates: instrumental shows, ambiance music, occasions for youngsters, family shows, world music, and jazz. Under the initiative of the Social Sciences and Arts Faculty Dean, performing arts as a subject for concentrate at the university was surrendered in the year 2009.

The Theater of Nuffield, a discovery theater, is one of the most versatile and biggest expert studio theaters in the continent. It presents open exhibitions in the fields of live craftsmanship, theater and contemporary move from the absolute best-known and regarded organizations from Britain and internationally. The focal point of the work is new and exploratory practice, a center it imparts to a large number of the educating and research enthusiasm of Performing Arts Institute of Lancaster. The Theatre introduces up to 28 visiting proficient demonstrates a year, in addition, to open exhibitions by understudies from Theater Studies, and the University's understudy theater and move social orders and scope of nearby network associations. The Library of Ruskin houses chronicle material which is related to the artist, craftsman and creator John Ruskin. It is available to general society, albeit just a little piece of the gathering is an open presentation on the double. The structure was developed in early 1998. The Collection of Whitehouse housed in the Library of Ruskin is the biggest holding of original copies, books, watercolors, photos and illustrations by and identified with John Ruskin on the planet.  

Scholarly profile


As far as normal UCAS purposes of contestants, the University of Lancaster positioned 25th in the country in 2015. The normal section standard at the University of Lancaster is around 150 focuses of UCAS, with practically all programs requiring at any rate AAA at A-level starting in 2018. The college gives the offer of admission to over 90% of its candidates, the third most noteworthy in the country.


In the Sunday Times Decade March normal positioning of Country colleges dependent on predictable association table execution, Lancaster was positioned joint nineteenth by and large in the country. As of late years, the college has been set inside the best 10 by country paper class tables and in the best 150 worldwide by the primary worldwide rankings. It additionally showed up in the arrangements of QS 50 under 50 in every one of the years prior to 2014 when it was under 50 years of age.

Projects Abroad

In the fall of 2013, the University of Lancaster reported the opening of a branch grounds in the region of Accra in Ghana, to serve the number of inhabitants in Ghana and all of the continent, giving an English college-level training locally to those students. The grounds are worked in an organization with Ghana Group and offer graduate and undergrad projects in the board, business, Economics and worldwide relations, International Relations and Politics, software engineering, Finance and Accounting, Brain research, Marketing and law alongside an MBA program.  

The University of Lancaster opened the Education and Environmental Research Joint Institute in the city of Guangzhou in China in the year 2015, in association with the Agricultural University of South China. A joint college certificate for the subject and specialization of Environmental Science started in mid- 2016 with understudies going through multiple years at every establishment.

The Education Ministry of China gave consent in early 2016 for the college to build up Lancaster College University - the University of Beijing Jiaotong in the region of Weihai in Shandong.


Lancaster's exploration salary for the academic year was about £40 million. In the 2014 Research Excellence Framework evaluation, Lancaster was positioned eighteenth out of 125 country colleges, which includes thirteenth for the level of world-driving exploration. The University puts a specific spotlight on interdisciplinary research, empowering the community to examine crosswise over scholarly offices.

Universal Foundation Year

The International Foundation Year is a program of scholastic subjects, ponder abilities and English language arrangement which is explicitly intended to furnish worldwide understudies with a pathway to certificate study at the University of Lancaster.

Understudies select one pathway from one of six: Business and Management, Engineering and Computing, Law, Mathematics, Life Sciences, and Statistics or Social Studies. When the understudy finishes the program and accomplishes the required evaluations, at that point the understudy can enter the principal year of their picked college degree at the University of Lancaster.

Understudy life

Understudies Association

University of Lancaster Students Association is the delegate collection of understudies at the college. Uncommonly, there is no primary association building – rather the association is composed through the eight school JCRs, every one of which has its very own social settings and meeting spaces. The association is, in any case, allotted an organization working by the college. The output is the association's paper and was built up in 1967, making it the most seasoned understudy media on grounds. Students Association possesses a club in Lancaster called The Sugarhouse; works a shop on grounds, Students Association Central; and furthermore, an off-grounds lodging organization Students Association Living.

The Sugarhouse club

Students Association additionally underpins Students Association Involve, a volunteering unit permitting the University of Lancaster understudies to wind up required with networks locally and universally. There are more than 200 unique social orders working inside the University of Lancaster. Basic regions incorporate games, leisure activities, legislative issues, scholarly, culture, and religion. There are a few fairs amid the Fresher's time frame in which different clubs and social orders advance themselves.


Each late spring term the understudies partake in the Roses Tournament against the University of York. The scene of the occasion exchanges every year among Lancaster and York. The challenge takes its name from the fifteenth-century common war, the War of the Roses, and is sorted out by the colleges particular understudy associations, Students Association and YUSU.

Intercollegiate game

Various intercollegiate games exist inside the college. Groups exist in football, netball, pool, darts, and dominoes. Pool, darts and dominoes by and large structure an in general 'bar sports' class is known as the George Wyatt Cup. The Carter Shield is challenged between each school with every other week matches open to all and is planned as a cheerful challenge to advance lesser-known games.

Expressions, media, and culture

Close by game, the University of Lancaster has a tremendous determination of expressions social orders crosswise over grounds in the regions of execution, media, and music. Instances of execution based social orders incorporate the University of Lancaster Theater Group, the Comedy Institute, University of Lancaster Film Production, University of Lancaster Music culture and Hip-hop and Breakdance. There is likewise the Vagina Monolancs, an understudy run assemble playing out the Vagina Monologs, bringing issues to the light of abusive behavior at home against ladies and young ladies. Also, the three most settled understudy media social orders comprise of the understudy radio station Bailrigg FM, the understudy paper SCAN built up in 1967 and the understudy association's TV slot LA1TV. There is likewise Take 2 Cinema, an on-grounds film, situated in Bowland College Lecture Theater.

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