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Study Abroad at Regent’s University, London

A Brief History and Introduction:

Formerly Regent’s College, Regent’s College is a renowned university located in the prime of London, United Kingdom. Established in the year 1984, it was in the year 2013 that the institute came about to become a university. Regent’s is one of the five private universities in UK and is widely known for offering and imparting high-quality education across a range of disciplines and subject areas. Being located in the very heart of Regent’s Park, the university is in a site with a rich history and tradition of high achievement. In its short history, Regent’s has come about to develop into a truly international university and has a huge appeal among the students looking to study in UK from different countries of the world.

Regents University Assignment Help

Regent’s mission is to produce competent graduates and professionals that go on to become the leaders of tomorrow. The university is known for providing a supportive and personal environment to all the students and allow them to join the professional world as leaders and entrepreneurs. Over the years, the alumni of the university have proven to have highly independent and innovative thinking that has led them to make their mark in the market and professional world. In the recent decades, the university has become more and ore popular among the international students and as a result, it is no surprise that it receives a high number of applications every year.

Courses offered:

If you are a student looking to study in the United Kingdom, you probably want to study in a university or college that has an interdisciplinary environment to offer. It is no secret that studying in an interdisciplinary environment leads to the overall and optimum development of the individuals. However, the environment of the campus and the diversity in the student body is primarily shaped by the range of courses that a university has to offer. At Regent’s University, you get to live in a truly diverse environment and develop into your best self. The university has a huge range of courses on offer for all the incoming students. These courses have been designed in a way that helps the students to get equipped with all the knowledge and skills that they require to succeed in the fields of their choice. Here, you get more than just classroom education. You get to learn how to apply all the acquired skills in the real world.

Regent’s University offers a high number of courses across fields such as Psychology, Psychotherapy, Liberal Arts & Humanities, Fashion & Design, Business & Management, and Film, Media & Performance. Some of the specializations that the university offers are:

  • Acting
  • Business Technology and Entrepreneurship
  • Content Creation
  • Data Science
  • Digital Marketing
  • Enterprise
  • Film production
  • Screenwriting
  • Fashion Marketing
  • Finance & Investment
  • Global Management
  • Interior Design
  • International Business
  • Political Science
  • Public Relations
  • Journalism
  • Philosophy

and many more. These courses are offered at the undergraduate and postgraduate level, in form of research degrees, and many certificate courses.

Reasons for international students to attend Regent’s University:

United Kingdom is home to some of the finest and the best universities of the world. This has led to the country emerging as one of the most popular study destinations on the globe. Because of such a high number of world-class institutes, it is normal for a student looking to study in UK get confused regarding which colleges to apply to and which one to choose. Deciding which college to attend is the most important and valuable decision you are ever going to make in your academic life. This decision will lead to and shape the quality and kind of all the opportunities that you will face in your life ahead. Therefore, it is only advisable that you take this decision very carefully and after putting enough thought into it.

When it comes to the international students, the disadvantage of location comes into play. Since the international students are away, they obviously have limited kinds of information and less than what the native students have. However, this is not the case with Regent’s University. There are more than enough reasons for you, as an international student, to attend this prestigious university. Here are some of those reasons:

  1. A number of scholarships

Studying abroad is a huge financial commitment for most of the international students. For the students who come from parts like South Asia, it is even bigger of a load as the steep difference in the currency strengths come into play. At Regent’s University, the authorities understand this and this is why, the university has a huge range of scholarships to offer to the students, both international and the local ones. There are several rewards on offer as well. These scholarships are offered at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and help a lot of student every year. Moreover, the university provides support and a lot of loan opportunities as well to the students who need financial aid to pursue their studies at Regent’s. In addition to this, there are several financial aid options that the students can apply for and help themselves pursue the course of their choice. These financial aid options and scholarships have been made on offer to make sure an easy transition from school to college for students who need some support on the financial front. This is one of the many reasons why the university has become a home to so many international students in such a short span of time.

  1. Student-centered learning

Regent’s University allows for the complete and overall development of individuals. The institute believes that the students, and not the teachers, play the primary role in the process of education. At Regent’s, the system and authorities support you in making your own decisions about your studies independently. Thus, the students transition into leaders. Here, the students are treated as individuals and if they have any questions, the university respects them. The learning environment at Regent’s is completely student-centered The classes are intentionally highly interactive and they create an environment where the students are encouraged to come up with their ideas, work in groups, and contribute to the experience of their peers. At Regent’s, you get the prestigious opportunity of being taught by highly experienced teachers and professors who are experts in their fields of study and discipline. Although these teachers are experts, they are open to feedback and strive to make the learning process student-centric. As a result. The students at Regent’s University get to thrive in a campus and environment that have been carefully designed and curated for their development. With such an innovative teaching method, It is no surprise that the students at Regent’s become leaders and acquire all the skills and knowledge they need when they go out in the real world.

  1. A Personal Tutor Scheme

It is only natural for students to feel the need for support at times during the course of their college years. At Regent’s University, you do not need to worry about this. Whenever you need support, you can get in touch with your personal tutor. The university follows a Personal Tutor Scheme for all the students. The ‘Personal Tutor’ does not mean someone who provides one-to-one coaching. Instead, it means that the university assigns a tutor to you whom you can approach whenever you feel like you need guidance to make decisions in your studies. These tutors are assigned to the students quite early in their college lives and provide them support throughout the program. As part of this scheme, your tutor calls you for at least one individual meeting per each term. This meeting is utilized to track the progress of the student and figure out how the student is doing. The students are even allowed to request more meetings. Whenever the students need to figure out a career plan and decide which specific workshops to attend, they can get in touch with their mentor. This scheme proves to be really helpful for the students, especially the international ones as it is natural for them to need support more often.

  1. Special support for Academic English

For a lot of international students, it is natural to struggle with the English language. Although the students who land up from abroad are usually required to clear an exam proving proficiency with the English language, there are still chances of finding it difficult to cope with spoke English. Keeping this in mind, Regent’s University offers a lot of opportunities for the students to improve their English skills. The focus is primarily laid down upon the kind of English required for study and research purposes, but the students can improve on spoken English as well. The university gives students the chance to attend free English skills sessions. In fact, the students are allowed to attend all sessions or even choose the ones they find relevant. Therefore, irrespective of what background you come from, Regent’s University allows you to improve your English skills at all times. If you are afraid as to how you would adjust while studying in United Kingdom, rest assured that it won’t be a problem at Regent’s University. These workshops and support services have been initiated by the university in order to make sure that the international students get comfortable as quickly as possible and concentrate on their studies.

  1. A truly diverse community

Regent’s University gives you the chance to be the part of a truly global student community. It would really help for you to know that the university is home to a huge student body that is made up of individuals from more than 140 countries from all across the world. When an international student leaves their home and travel to a new country altogether, there are many fears and apprehensions involved. The biggest of these fears is that of not feeling at home and not being comfortable in the new country. However, when you come to Regent’s, you do not need to worry about this. The student body at this prestigious university is made up of students from wide range of cultures, backgrounds, religions, and most importantly, nationalities. As long as you land on the campus, you will realize that you are just one among hundreds of international students whom you share experiences and all these fears with. With such a huge diversity, the student body, and by extension the entire university, is a truly welcoming community. This welcoming environment allows you to get comfortable on the campus in no time at all and concentrate on your studies. Moreover, it leads to you having the time of your life during your college years.

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